• Yes, I think the Government is appropriately regulating oil shale exploration.

    I think the Government has established appropriate regulations and laws for oil and shale exploration, because this is a new industry that is emerging in the United States these regulations will continue to be fine tuned as we learn more about it, so in general I think the Government is doing a good job.

  • Governemnet regulatin is appropriate

    The government is appropriately regulating oil shale exploration. This is a great boon to the economy that badly needs a boost at this time. Energy exploration should be strongly encouraged and the government should promote it and not stand in the way. Most states have a positive view of energy exploration.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I do think that they are doing a good job with regulating all of the oil and shale things that are going on right now. I think that they have a lot of good scientists out there that are doing all that they can to make sure its safe.

  • No, they are not.

    The United States government is not appropriately regulating oil shale exploration because they are being complete jerks about it, while at the same time being weakling and not being strict enough. This situation is a shame, and we deserve those oil shales and not other countries that already control the seas.

  • They regulate it too much.

    No, the government is not appropriately regulating shale oil exploration, because there is too much regulation on the industry right now. The companies are too afraid of offending environmentalists and the Environmental Protection Agency, in order to really be able to explore the field of oil shale exploration. With fewer regulations, they'd do better.

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