• Government is corrupt

    The government has been brainwashed by the government several times to believe what they believe. They make other countries look bad by saying they are bad. Also our government just waltzes into other countries wars. For instance, in Ukraine we got involved even though it was not our thing to mess around in. The government also tries to make it look like we are the best country by pointing out other countries problems. Take a minute to look at our country and we have just as many problems! The government right now is way to corrupt.

  • Governments are corrupt worldwide

    We have to remember that the corruption is something that doesn't happen over night Corruption takes time and also a lot of what causes corruption, Money. Money is a big role in corruption with guns behind it there is no hiding that guns are a problem like corruption Iraq is one of them

  • Yes the government is.

    The government has become way too corrupt. Politicians do not server the people who elected them anymore, but serve the high paying, rich people who helped them get into office. There needs to be huge changes to campaign contributions in order for the politicians who would serve the people have a chance of winning.

  • Government Is Too Corrupt

    I believe the government has become to corrupt. I do not know what all of the problems in the government are, however, I believe we have seen sufficient evidence to point to the fact that is far too corrupt. I would say one of the major problems are the lobbyist, but another would revolve around the NSA's spying tactics.

  • Same as usual

    Most governments have been, are, and always will be corrupt one some way. The reason it seems like there's more corruption today is that social media has made it much harder for officials to cover up their crimes, and word gets out much faster- and it stays out there. So it's actually better today, because now we know who is corrupt and we can do something about it.

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