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  • The government practices safety.

    The government does not cause wildfires and rather tries to prevent them, because they have a good response system in place for when wildfires occur. The government also goes to great lengths to educate people about appropriate practices when it comes to fire safety, including the Smokey Bear campaign and other initiatives.

  • The Government is definitley not causing wildfires.

    The court cases alone that have been brought against individuals that have been suspected of starting these fires is evidence alone that the government is not starting these fires. The government prevents fires by putting together specialized community education especially in rural areas to help people safeguard their homes from wildfires. Most of these community meeting are through the fire department which is government subsidized.

  • They are preventing

    Wildfires are mainly a hazard of weather conditions or just stupid people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The government is in the business of preventing the wildfires with PR campaigns and of stopping the fire when they get too out of control and need to be contained.

  • They're trying to prevent wild fires.

    I'm not sure if this is a question of conspiracy, or whether the person asking the question is saying that government is to blame for not taking preventative measures. Either way, preventative measures have been taken, and they are trying to curb wildfires. Problem is is that it just hasn't been enough.

  • Trying to prevent

    The government works very hard to try to prevent wildfires, but their is no way to completely keep them from happening. They try to keep the citizens from starting them to, but people still throw out burning cigarettes and things and catches forests on fire, and lightning is hard to stop.

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