Is the Government covering up the existence of Bat Boy?

Asked by: OpenMind2014
  • It's unanimous ....

    Bat Boy is alive, enough has been said. The proof is out there. It's time for Bat Boy to be revealed to the public at once! The American people put this as the top of their list in terms of priority for the sake of the National Security. For the sake of the people.....

  • Yes, he totally is.

    Weekly World News is one of the most trustworthy non-mainstream outlets we have - or used to have. They have provided concrete, solid and possibly peer-reviewed evidence. Plus, there's a clear, high-resolution of the creature up there. There is absolutely no doubt he exists. It is a wonder the government has not declassified this fact.

  • Batboy is not being hidden

    I can CLEARLY see Bat Boy. Who would be stupid enough to not see him, he is obviously right there. To photoshop such a creature would be to disgrace their very existence as well as that of BATBOY. To whoever denies his existence I ask you to use LOGICAL_REASON to help.

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