Is the government doing enough to protect the people against cyber attacks?

  • Cyber attacks new and dangerous

    I think that the Government is doing everything in their power to defend their people against the growing threat of cyber crime. It is a new and baffling field with new revelations and threats being discovered almost every day but I have no doubt that the Government is putting money and expertise into countering this threat.

  • Yes, I believe the government is doing enough to protect Americans against cyber attacks.

    Yes, I believe the government is doing enough to protect people from cyber attacks because the American government have seen other countries like Ukraine fall victim to cyber terrorism. I believe that United States military officials realize that this a new method of warfare and are heavily recruiting hackers and other computer savvy people to help counteract a cyber attack assault in the new future.

  • What is the government even doing?

    I don't think the government is doing enough to prevent cyber attacks. In fact, I don't even know what they ARE doing. There have been credit cards stolen, as well as other confidential information and identity theft that has been happening on a large scale basis. If the government wanted to prevent those things from happening, I think we would have heard more about their efforts to do so.

  • No it is not

    Though the Government is trying to do something to protect the people against cyber attacks, still it hasnt come up with an efficient method to protect U.S. federal agencies against attacks launched by hostile nation states and malicious cyber actors, or to protect their people.They need to invest more time, money and energy into this activity.

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