Is the government doing what they are supposed to be doing? Are they really watching out for us as the citizens of America?

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  • The government sustains itself.

    The job of the government is no longer working for the benefit of the people, by the people. It has become a bloated corporation that is only interested in preserving itself and its selfish interests, while providing huge payouts to its corporate sponsors in the forms of tax breaks and fat government contracts. Citizens are merely an inconvenience.

  • They are not.

    The United States of America government is not really watching out for us as the citizens of the United States. The United States government is looking out for the the big interests that got the politicians elected. We need to cut down on the amount that can be donated to contributions, so the government can focus on its citizens.

  • Simple answer: NO! They are more worried about money than our better good!

    Hello, I am a sixth grade student and do not believe that the government is doing what they are supposed to be doing. They are more worried about the high and mighty green back than the greater good of the people. Let us take Health Care for example. What will happen if all of the sudden every single person in the country needs to have free health care? The people that were paying for those people are no longer there to pay for them. And sooner later, with things the way they are, this will happen. With the government taxing the people who can afford it so much, sooner or later they will no longer be able to pay for their Health Care as well as everybody else's. The government must fix what they are doing before the whole economy goes down the drain. Thank you for your time.

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