Is the government going too far in compromising constitutional rights for security?

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  • Today, celebrity propaganda is used to promote extensive political regulation. Today, we are not trusted with arms. Today, we are the oppressed.

    The one thing that separates the United States from the rest of the world is our right to bare arms. In most countries, if you are pissed at your government, all you can do is protest peacefully. As we've seen with Occupy Wall street, that doesn't exactly work out. The right to bare arms, however, ensures the United States Citizenry that if it ever came down to it, they could present themselves in a manner according to that of a self-made army. A Government would not want to kill its own people if it knew what was good for it, and citizens have a little more leverage with politicians with a kind word and a gun, than they would with just a kind word.

    As a nation of serfs, I may be one of the lucky ones because I know how to make an income, but my children won't be able to at the rate that this country is going. We have a system that intentionally promotes poverty rather than drives people out of it, and because of how many people live in this country, and how so few of us are employers/job creators, there is simply no way in hell that anybody can lift themselves out of poverty anymore. The welfare system we have is rewarding, the rich will only get richer, and the economy more inflated if we do anything to give them a boost in the paycheck.

    The government targeting groups based on domestic political beliefs and what they say is another factor that has led to my loss of faith in this country. "Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins." If we say one wrong thing on the internet, the Government will be crawling into our lives. The problem is, what constitutes the "wrong" thing? It isn't a threat anymore, it's our belief.

    This leads to the current pull of Verizon records by the Government. We all realize that it is bad. I see it as much worse, however... The Government believes that there are more "domestic terrorists" in this country than outside of it. They were looking for people within our borders who are not religious fanatics or foreign extremists, but people who are upset with their government. It is this a tyranny that has led me to realize that our government is no longer working in the interests of the people of the United States of America. The due-date for national conflict is coming; a historical trend of internal war and the change of national order that can be observed every 100 to 300 years in a nations timeline. America isn't going to be any exception.

  • If there's anything that the last 24 hours have taught us, it is that they absolutely are.

    If you've been paying any attention at all to the news lately, it has become blatantly obvious that the government is taking overt advantage of the citizens' constitutional rights. Data-mining Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and more... Ordering Verizon to hand over all user "metadata..." Collecting records on every phone call made in America... Are you kidding me? Is this "1984?"

    Side note: I am already sick of hearing people use the argument, "Who cares?! If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about!" I'm sorry, but have you read the U.S. Constitution? I'm not worried about what they're finding out, I'm worried about my HUMAN RIGHTS. This is an issue of PERSONAL PRIVACY as it relates the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    Wrong on so many levels. Ashamed of my government and of the ignorant people defending their actions.

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Quan says2013-06-07T18:26:37.447
Governments always try to cross this line. That's exactly why the Constitution does not grant them this power. We allowed the government to overstep its boundaries, and the masses of ignorant voters continue to support the trend.