Is the government responsible for high poverty in Kenya?

  • The Government Corruption

    Because the Kenyan government is so corrupted. The more the richer become, the more the poor become poorer, we live in a society where the rich depend on the poor and the poor depend on the rich. I honestly don't think this is fair! We have such a big economic divide in Kenya

  • Yes, the government is responsible.

    In many countries where you find a lot of poverty, sickness, lack of education and lack of infrastructure, you can generally trace the problems back to the government. The government in Kenya is very corrupt and because of this corruption, cares very little about the welfare of the people of Kenya.

  • Corrupt Government Takes Money from Masses

    Kenya has had a corrupt government for years, as evidenced by the unrest in recent national elections. Because of the corrupt nature of the national government, poverty has increased in Kenya. The increase poverty causes even more unrest every election cycle. Until the poverty issue is addressed, there will be tension every time a president is elected.

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