• The government is sexist. VERY.

    The reason is because the government believes men and women are NOT equal, hence why the tax brackets for married filers do not double. To prove my point, let’s say Johnny made $500,000 a year (35% tax bracket) and marries Susie who also makes $500,000 a year. As a single filer with no deductions, Johnny pays an effective Federal Tax rate of 29% or $148,000 in taxes. As a married filer, their effective tax rate jumps to over 32%, thereby paying roughly $20,000 more in taxes. Oh and do they allow women to be presidents? How about priest? Or many other jobs? These jobs were created by government and this proves that they are absolutely sexist? How is that fair?

  • Sexiest government exist

    Yes, it seems like most high ranking military officals are men, and to say we have yet to have a woman president means something. Just look how long it took the secret service to have a woman director its a sexiest world out there and the government is no different.

  • They say that boys can't hit girls just because we are boys. But girls can hit boys. . .

    They allow more freedoms to girls and hint that boys are stronger than girls with their law that boys can't hit girls yet it doesn't say anything about them hitting a boy at all. I mean they shouldn't be able to hit us and we can't hit them or everyone can hit everyone. Just because we are a certain sex means that we can't have the same rights.

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  • Social change takes time - the demographic shift is in progress

    On paper we are all equal. We still have a long history and a large body of employed people who are predominantly male in many fields. This is not sexist by nature. It is a carryover of more sexist times.

    With social change like equality movements, we have to recognize that we can only effect the future, not the past. With that in mind, each generation will become more equal in tastes, most likely. The fact that we have the representation and experience that we do right now is kind of understandable.

    Based on the basic differences between men and women, there will always be a demographic difference. Unless you call women deciding to stay home and raise kids, and make the decisions THEY want to make with respect to employment, sexist, then this argument doesn't have a leg to stand on.

    Are there still sexist people? Most likely. But they are getting fewer and farther between. But you can't expect people who already had their lives established, and were satisfied with them, to decide to enter the work force at 40 and expect them to go very far.

    This is why we see the wage gap of never married people in the 20-35 demographic reversing, with women earning more than men on average, with the 35-50 demographic still lagging. This is a symptom of a more defined sex-role scape from the past, not a demonstration of current levels of sexism.

    Demographic shifts are happening, but social groups change in very sluggish fashion. To see if a given innovation worked (like increased funding for women entering STEM fields), it takes a generation or two.

  • The government is not sexist

    There are no laws against being president, as a woman. There is not anything a man can do that a woman cant (In jobs, property ownership, purchasing laws.) It's just that, for some reason, that women don't want to go into these sectors. There are many laws that are pro- women and no laws specificly for men.

  • The government is not sexist

    No, I do not think that the government is sexist and that both men and women have equal opportunities. Nowadays, there are many women holding positions in the government including the Senate, House of Representatives, and other clerics of high ranking positions. I think both males and females can work in the government if they want to.

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