Is the government shutdown a fair strategy to use against Obamacare?

Asked by: blue_charles
  • Shutdowns Can Be Good

    While there are many harmful effects of a government shutdown, the current government has become extremely powerful and intrusive, and perhaps a government shutdown will show the politicians what is really going on to force them to work together and tone it down a bit is not a bad thing

  • Shutdown is not good

    The shutdown is not a fair strategy to use against Obamacare. The shutdown effected preschoolers, government workers, soldiers, and much more. You can't shut down the government because you are unhappy with a law that is constitutional and has already been enacted. It was a poor strategy that harmed the Republicans.

  • Shutdowns Hurt The People

    I do not believe the government shutdown was an appropriate way to combat Obamacare. I believe the politicians who tried to pursue this avenue should be held responsible, rather than the whole country just shrugging it off. These strong armed tactics show that some people are willing to abuse power.

  • No, government shutdown is a bad idea.

    Government shutdown strategy is a bad idea to use against Obama care. Government shutdown causes a lot of problems in the nation and makes us look undivided to other countries. The only reasn Republicans are fighting this law is because once people realize how good it is, they will probably never vote Republican again.

  • The shut down was a ploy to bring negativity to Obamacare

    Yes, I believe the shutdown was intentionally orchestrated to use against Obmacare and it was definitely not fair in anyway. Damaging people's lives in order to make a personal point is not conducive to good leadership and should not be tolerated. Some are still feeling the effects of the shutdown which was in the end a ploy.

  • The government shutdown was not a fair strategy to use against Obamacare.

    Congress should not have shut down the government because it interfered with the lives of normal Americans. A lot of people could not go to work or did not get government money they needed because of the shut down. Congress should come to compromises rather than shutting down the government.

  • Purely political squabbling

    The government shutdown over the ACA is pure political squabbling - an idealistic stand against a law that does not benefit the people of the US. While people can freely debate the ACA, and there are many points to be made on both sides, an embarrassing (and ultimately pointless) shutdown is not the right move.

  • The end does not justify the means

    The republicans are trying to create polarization on the obamacare by refusing to negotiate an extension on the us budget which has led to the government shutdown. This will reduce employment and affect economic growth not to mention confidence in the American financial system. The republicans are being highly emotional and should stop grandstanding and deal with issues with a clear mind

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-05T14:54:56.087
There's no such thing as closing Public property to the public.
"Government property" doesn't exist.
Obamacare can't possibly work,
even if they had the $ for it,
which they don't.
The so-called "U.S. Government" is, & has been for decades,
not only BANKRUPT, but Head- Over- Heels in Debt & Operating way in The Red,
& It Has A Huge, & Increasing, Budget Deficit.