• Yes, government shutdown is an international embarrasment.

    Government shutdown is embarrassing in foreign affairs. It shows that we cannot agree on even the most simple topics, such as keeping our government in action. It shows that we do not have a united front on foreign affairs. This presents a weak image to other nations and it is embarrassing.

  • We are supposed to be a leader in the World today.

    We are supposed to be helping lead the world, we are supposed to be showing other countries what paradise is like and what their country could be like if they worked hard to become a free nation like America is today. Shutting down the government shows immaturity. The leaders of our country can't even agree on simple issues like a budget, and they can't even communicate with each other. All politicians are acting like little brats who have too big of an ego to admit that they may be wrong in some parts. The Democrats and Republicans both should accept and share blame for the shutdown and they should be embarrassed to be acting so immature and young in such a great nation that we call America.

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