• Yes, But My Answer Has an Asterisk...

    Through my own observations, I really feel like Boehner is a genuinely nice guy and wants what's best for the country, but because of his role of Speaker of the House, he has to maintain a good standing with the Republican party. Unfortunately, the Republicans have been hijacked by Tea Party constituents like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Louie Gohmert. This puts Boehner between a rock and a hard place. So, while I don't believe the finger should be solely pointed at Boehner, I think he has buckled under the pressure of Tea Party representatives. That's where his fault with the shutdown lies. Of course, as I said a moment ago, I think more fingers need to be pointed at the Tea Party on this matter.

  • Government is not a means to an end.

    Boehner is using the government as a means to an end in a pathetic attempt to gut funding for the ACA. Obama attempted to negotiate with him, but he would have none of it, senate tried to send a budget to the house, he altered it to hamper the ACA. He claims other parties aren't negotiating, but seems to forget the deffinition of negotiate and instead believes that it means "get my way or no deal."

  • ACA is law

    Passed in 2010. Upheld by a conservative Supreme Court in 2012 and final referendum was the election of 2012 where the president won and 2 more seats in Senate and 8 in the house for Dems, in spite of gerrymandering efforts. This should have put the law in firm standing, at least removed it as a bargaining chip for most rational human beings

  • Yes he is at fault

    John Boehner is at fault here because there are many republicans that would pass a bill to put the government shutdown to an end, but he will not bring a vote to the floor because he is afraid of the tea party republicans getting mad at him. It seems as if he will only take a vote if he is sure he can defund Obamacare and it won't happen.

  • Obsessed with 'Obamacare'

    It's obvious Boehner, and indeed the Republicans (who are whipped by the 'Tea Party') serve no other purpose than to just oppose,oppose,oppose, indeed they even announce it. Boehner is the head of this 'posse' and -just like every other Republican- is well and truly obsessed with Obamacare. It just shows how far humanity has sunk, when a bill that will benefit millions of the poorest Americans, is demonised by the rich and wealthy under these 'Citizen groups' which are nothing more than an outpost for the Koch brothers etc.

  • Elections Have Consequences

    The Republicans have lost on this issue 46 times. The Affordable Care Act passed. Even in the best election they've had since 2004, they couldn't get enough votes to repeal it, after 44 failed attempts. Last year, 5,000,000 more Americans voted for Obama than the guy who opposed expanding his own health care plan to the rest of the nation. Some Republicans are willing to pass a clean budget bill, but Boehner won't even let the vote get to the floor. YES, the shutdown is most definitely his fault.

  • To Some Extent

    To myself, Boehner is a statesman trying his best to coral the interests of the whako-conservative tea party faction. He has been placed into an impossible position by his own party and is an unfortunate casualty of this ridiculous Tea Party obsession with Obamacare.
    However he did block the passage of a clean bill through the house and kept the shutdown going for so long while the economy lost out. So indeed, to some extent it was his fault.

  • Yes of course

    Boehner is protesting the passing of a bill not through proper democratic process but instead through holding government hostage. You might say "The republicans want a budget!" or "The democrats wont negotiate." Well yes, the republicans want a budget. A budget that de-funds a program that has already been passed and upheld by the supreme court. And the democrats aren't willing to negotiate a de-funding of the bill, which is the only thing the GOP wants. Boehner is bending to the will of right wing tea-party extremists in his party, and really needs to grow a pair.

  • Not following the democratic process

    There is a democratic process to amend the laws, blackmailing and holding government is none of them. As a speaker of the house he has to have the sensibility to propose a budget that is going to pass and let the government function. So many of the people are suffering because his inability to put forth a budget that has the bi-partisian support in both house and the senate.

  • Yes definitely his fault !!

    Speaker Boehner is duly responsible for congress and his party's (republican) actions for both the normal and radically minded members of his party. And so as Speaker, it was his responsibility, along with the Presidents and Senate, to avoid such catastrophes that left thousands of federal projects and employees forloughed. However due to Constitutional Guidelines the President may exhort ideas, however is not capable to responsible for the creations of laws but only has the ability to revise and veto.In the past, it was again the republican party that had created the 1995-96 government shutdown ( Speaker Newt Gringrich ); which were over few bills and budget allocations that created a heavier influence on the economy ( for the better ). However, back to Boehner, his inability to act in time has caused symptoms of economic instability amongst its investors and could in the future create another economic recession, one that America haggardly over the years fought to get out of.

  • Who is refusing to submit to a conference committee?

    Check out the legislative process. When the House and Senate disagree a conference committee from both bodies sits down and works out a compromise. This is how the process works. Who is refusing to negotiate.... The Democrats in the Senate and the President. They are to blame. Think about it. Would you rather have a job or health care?

  • Seriously? One guy get's the blame?

    This question points out the absolute lack of critical thinking skills in some people. Do you really think that the sum welfare of the United States is being threatened by this one guy? Next you'll tell me that you get your information from Anderson Cooper.

    The shut-down is needed. Play the long political game. Think about it:

    2014 is near. Very soon we get to elect new representation to Washington. How do you know which seat needs to be replaced?

    Watch them work in a crisis. The reason we have stalemates, is because both sides are afraid they'll be replaced (primaried). Half of them got elected on promises they made concerning THIS VERY DEBATE (ACA, Debt Ceiling, IRS etc).

    So far (no matter what you think about them), the only people who have actually done what they have been elected for, are the hard-right conservatives. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee...Etc.

    Why do you think they're hated by their own party? Because the 29 hour filibuster gave America a glimpse of where OTHER Republicans stood on the issue. That's important, because half od them got elected ONLY because they promised to fight Obamacare.

    When I counted, I saw 11 people behind Cruz.

    That's a lot of spineless idiots following Boehner. That's a lot of idiots that need to be replaced.
    The Government shut-down is a bipartisan effort to save face. The whole fight is symbolic.
    Why is everything so dramatic? All the veteran memorials closing, children cancer funds...Blah,blah,blah?

    Because you're supposed to get mad. Then BOTH sides step in. Pretend to fight this epic, huge, battle...And you feel satisfied by sheer patriotism of it all.

    The only real fight here is the debt ceiling debate. That's why it's always attached to a symbolic change to ACA. Consider, the GOP has only asked for a 1 year delay, something that'll probably happen anyways, since the website to sign up for ACA won't be fixed for 6 more months.

    Think sheeple. THINK!
    It's not Boehner's fault. It's your fault for electing actors....Not politicians.

  • Democrats are just spoiled children.

    Seriously. This is essentially what democrats are doing.

    (R)Hey, we have some issues with this bill, our constituents don't think it works and it costs them more money than Obama advertised. Let's defund it/change it/delay it for a year/______________ so our constituents can make up their minds about it.

    (D) NO. It's our way or the highway. WE WILL HAVE THE ACA MORE MOTHER RUSSIA!

    So yeah, not Boehner's fault. Democrats are just not willing to negotiate with people who don't think like idiots.

  • The Republican have negotiated

    Let's make a brief timeline.

    Leading up to the shutdown: The Republicans sent half a dozen bills to the Senate, compared with just one going the other way. Originally, the Republicans try to de-fund Obamacare, but realizing that that plan will not work, they start compromising, including delaying the ACA for a year, and then delaying only the individual mandate. The Senate rejects all of them outright, and the shutdown goes into effect.

    Day of the shutdown: The Republican House sends a proposal to the Senate just asking to meet for negotiations. The Senate rejects the offer, refusing even to meet over lunch or have a debate.

    Days following up: Obama calls a meeting, seemingly for the sole purpose of announcing that he won't compromise. Republicans draft more compromising bills, all rejected

    Today: No mainstream Democrat has once agreed to compromise on Obamacare at all. The Republicans want to just alter or delay the law, the Democrats just want the law, and they will not concede anything. As an objective Libertarian, this shutdown is 100% Democrat.

  • Senate has bills it could approve to end shutdown now.

    The House has sent bills to the Senate which would end the shutdown but the Senate has not acted. Most of these bills would not defund Obamacare. It is the Senate and President who refuse to negotiate.

    The Obamacare is law and the President won in 2012 are not valid arguments to blame Boehner with. First so what if it's a law. Laws cannot be repealed? Contrary to popular belief it is not the job of the Congress to just pass laws. Sometimes laws need to be repealed, something Congress does all to rarely. Also, for a law so sacred, why has the President has repealed some provisions by fiat?

    It is true the President won in 2012. It is also true that the Republicans won the House in 2010 largely on the issue of Obamacare and retained the House in 2012 despite the President's victory. As it stands now the majority of the people in the majority of House districts put congressmen in office who oppose Obamacare. Are the victories of the Republican congressmen any less valid than the victory of the President? The House is doing as its constituents wish. Most people are opposed to Obamacare. Not all of the Presidents constituents want or care about Obamacare. I believe that the House and Boehner are on firmer gound to repeal than the Senate and President are to not accept the minimal demands of the House.

  • No one it the house of representatives are at fault, regardless of party affiliation, they did their job; but will the senate do theirs?

    The fault belongs to the senate, not the House so it can not be Boehner's fault, the fault is in fact Reed's for refusing to negotiate with the House (the job of congress is to debate and negotiate). However, it is Obama who shut down the government just so he could blame the Republicans for the disagreement. One solution to this standoff is to get rid of the 17th amendment and replace it with term limits for all elected officials (preventing voter fraud).

  • Boehner has tried

    To reopen government, however, his efforts have been thwarted by two things.

    1. The absolute refusal of B. Hussein Obama and Democrats to negotiate.
    2. The absolute refusal of senate democrats to pass bills funding items that we all agree on.

    It is now up to democrats to open dialogue.

  • The Republicans actually want a budget.

    The Republican Party in the government has been trying to pass a budget- or even small sections of the budget to support items such as experimental medicine for hospitalized patients- but the President and the Democrats are refusing all of their proposals, saying that we should raise the debt ceiling and worry about the deficit later. If the Democrats, and the President, stop refusing the Republicans budget than we might actually get out of the shutdown. Boehener is not at fault for the shutdown at all.

  • Who's to blame?

    The Unaffordable Care Act is more to blame than Boehner. The Republicans are merely taking a stand to showdown this job-killer and bankrupt policy which has been put through by the Democrats. Sure it's the law now they say, but Prohibition put the country through the ringer & ObamaCare is going to do ten times the number before it fails anyway. We needed healthcare reform, but what we got is totally destroying the system; not improving it.
    It might be irresponsible to let the country go into default, but we are headed there anyway if we don't find a way to control spending. Obamacare is going to help take us off that cliff & the Republicans just want to show it for what it is: a big time loser.

  • The House sent a budget to the Senate

    The House reps are representing those that elected them. They sent a budget to the Senate and the Senate declined it. I understand that they, too, are representing their constituents. But there is a reason our constitution calls for the House to do this. Now the Senate needs to sit down and negotiate which Harry Reid is loathe to do. I put more blame on Reid than Boehner.

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