Is the government shutdown Obama, Reid, and the Democrats' fault?

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  • The shutdown was all the Republican's fault.

    Everyone knows that he shutdown of the American government
    in 2013 was all the Republican’s fault.
    The Republican’s purposely shutdown the government in order to try to
    sabotage the Affordable Care Act. The
    Republicans don’t care how many lives they ruin by doing this, as long as they
    can prevent the Affordable Care Act from taking effect.

  • The Republicans have been saying they wanted a shut down for years

    We all have seen the video clips of Tea Party people chanting "shut it down! Shut it down!" We have also seen Republicans like Joe Walsh saying, "And so if we need a jolt, if we need the government shutdown for a few days for us to really get serious, I think the American people are with that." It is not hard to find a libertarian who will tell you that he wants to see a bigger shutdown. Fox News isn't even calling it a shutdown... They call it a slimdown.

    There is nothing that the Democrats can do to prevent this except capitulate to every demand. If they give in this time, then they will be telling the Republicans that this strategy works.

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