• Free market is always better

    This is about how much more debt we can take on and obamacare is sort of a leverage. Since Obama has been in office the debt has been raised significantly. We need to fix the spending problem else we will have a much larger issue on our hands. As for insurance, the free market always has better rates and quality of services. Have you ever been in the military and seen how ridiculously slow and over priced anything was? Its not like hospitals turn down care anyways, for people who can't pay hospitals expense at the price of medicare for that states rate.

  • Why are we going through this

    Obama needs to get his act together, it's obvious these short term budget increases are not working. Taxes are sky high and our states have to come up with new ways to tax us so we don't end up like California. Aka in major debt. This needs to end and Obama needs to finally compromise with the GOP.

  • He is the President

    He is the president who does not want to compromise on any stance. The republican party said that they would support Obamacare if he would compromise on some issues that they had with it. It is stupid to say that it is the republicans fault for wanting a solution to our debt issue and Obama does not want to deal with that.

  • Yes Yes 100% with out a doubt YES!

    President Obama is the leader of this country and it's his role and responsibility to lead/manage congress. At the moment congress and America is divided over health care reform, it's obvious this is very important to republicans and the president refusing to negotiate is irresponsible, immature and reveals he doesn't care this country. He is running his position as a dictator. What many people forget is that every member of congress is answering to their constituents, if they didn't they'd be out of a job, so the part of the republican party that is holding the government up represents a part of the American public and as the government is suppose to be for the people by the people it is Obama's responsibility to negotiate. Obama doesn't have to worry about his job, he has no more elections and so he's doing what he wants at the expense of America. I find it so disgusting and pathetic that he can't put his own insecurity aside for the good of the nation. This president is the first Anti-American president and ever American should be ashamed. This guy spends more time negotiating with Putin and American enemies than Republicans, what does that say other than Obama thinks America is wrong and he is the one to bring it to a new standard. He is a disgrace.

  • Obama's 2016 #movie

    He's unwilling to work with anybody. He only wants what's best for him. I just hope he's out before he drags the entire country down where he wants us to go. He's got some terrible plans for humanity. Have you seen the movie Obama's 2016. It's true. This is how he was raised

  • USA is Broke!

    Default is inevitable, when interest goes up there will be no choice. There is still time to deal with the debt. Government chose not to pay interest to the bond holders, because Obama does not want to cut government spending. This is evident from the Obamacare proposal. The president doesn't want to cut anything, so he tries to make out that default is the only option and that republicans are just being difficult?

  • Modern Day Depression

    Obama is going to be the ending result to the modern day Great Depression from 1920s and 1930s. America is really going down under but you know what they say History tends to repeat itself!!! Obama is passing these laws. We all know that they (the government) at least need his approval.. This is Bull....

  • No, the shutdown is NOT Obama's fault

    It is the fault of the Republican House members who hold the majority. They want to defend Obama-care as condition for passing a budget to pay for everything else. This is basically holding the economy, thousands of federal workers and government services hostage to their political ideology. The republican tea party is the blame.

  • The Only Developed Country Without Universal Health Care

    America has been the only developed country without Universal Health Care. Why? There are many people who have not been able to get health care due to discriminatory practices by private companies. Republicans have balked on the spending required to enact Obamacare legislation based on party ideology about spending. Then, they offered to raise the spending limit without Obamacare legislation. Many parts of Obamacare have already been passed through Congress and been challenged by the Supreme Court. This final act by Republicans is selfish as it puts our country in dire straits on October 17th. We need health care, and Republicans need to save our country from defaulting and find other ways to cut spending without hurting sick people who need health care.

  • The President Shouldn't Yield To Political Blackmail!

    The GOP had a chance, once upon a time, to stop Obamacare. Back in those days, it was just a bill passing through Congress. They failed. Did they show an ounce of good sportsmanship? No. Instead, they went to the Supreme Court -- hoping it would be declared unconstitutional. And they failed, again. At this point, they should've accepted that Obamacare was the law of the land. Instead, they got this bright idea to politically blackmail the President. Either they'd get their way, or else. Obama refused to comply (as he should have). Negotiation and blackmail are two very different things. So, we have the government in shutdown & the GOP to thank for it!

  • Blackmail, ransom & domestic terrorism

    If someone holds a gun to your head and demands money, is it your fault? The GOP is holding a gun to the Presidents head and holding the nation hostage . . . And they claim it is the President's fault? I have never heard anything more absurd. This is a form of terrorism, plain and simple.

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