Is the government justified in trying to control our tobacco use?

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  • No, the government is not justified in trying to control our tobacco use.

    First, I know tobacco is addictive, but people still buy it, they still grow it, and they still use it. We live in a democracy, or at least we did last time I looked. The government is trying to control too much of our lives. We don't live in Russia. We have free will and we should be able to use tobacco. However, they should ban all smoking indoors. Bingo halls still have smoking inside.

  • They should not!

    If we allow the government to control our tobacco use, then we allow them to take other rights away from us. I am not a smoker, but I believe that a person has a choice to smoke or not to smoke. I feel that if smoking is so awful, then why don't the government smoking illegal?

  • Why does slowly allowing us to kill ourselves have to be controlled?

    The government is freaking out about the huge population, yet they brazenly act as though death is a huge loss. Why is suicide illegal? Assisted suicide? Death should be up to the person, along with all of their other choices that don't hurt others. And as for the argument that suicide or being unhealthy is selfish, I think that's really not a fair statement. The Bible states that you should not judge other's character. That's supposed to be done when entering heaven. If someone kills themselves it might just be a little bit selfish, a little bit selfless. Many people struggle private battles they couldn't bear to tell the ones they love, it would only hurt them more. Sometimes life is just too difficult. Killing yourself isn't a weak, spur of the moment decision, it's something people struggle with for a very long time, and they truly know what they are doing when they commit the act.

  • Let people make their own decisions.

    No, I don't think that the government is justified in trying to control our tobacco use. While it may be nice that they don't want us to use tobacco, which I'm also against, I think that it should be up to each and every American to decide if they want to smoke or not.

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