Is the government using propaganda to exaggerate ISIS?

  • A little bit

    I think that some of the claims being made are kinda just to prep the US for another Iraq, not just the US either, a lot of the western world. ISIS is doing very cruel things however I have heard the media compare them to the Nazi's on multiple occasions, they are appealing to Christianity a lot as well. What we don't realize is that worse things are happening everywhere else including, Africa, Mexico and even our own backyard...

  • Yes it's a bit much

    The usa promotes islamaphobia rather than fear of Isis . It's all systematic , if it were a Christian group they would be seen as mentally I'll rather than evil like Isis members . I'm sure that if there were a group exactly like Isis but feuled by the bible Fox News wouldn't have nearly as many stories every night . The U.S. also supports Israelis propaganda of course. I'm not saying Isis is good , they're horrible but the way the U.S. goes about it makes all Muslims seem horrible rather than terrorists

  • Rhetoric definitely Yes - Propaganda maybe

    The vacuum that was left after the gulf war provided those that had been alienated the opportunity to establish themselves in a radical manner. ISIS was growing well before it came to the attention of the various players currently involved in this area and to some extent the countries that are in that area. It could be mooted that the Middle East has the opportunity to develop such radical instruments after "invasion" of their country just as much as the Mujahideen became the Taliban and developed as a means to rid Afghanistan of the Russian and then the US coalition forces to establish a more fundamental Islam. This area of the world has been occupied by other empires for centuries and no wonder that democracy is a hard road to travel in a feudal society where fundamentalism is the instrument to rise up to fight any infidel that tries to occupy their land. Whilst they have their own problems between the religious sects we have a responsibility to try to avoid inciting hatred against the west as we try to help these countries develop. We need to meet the Middle east as friends not enemies and radicalisation has prevented this from happening.
    The rhetoric of today is because of the need for the West to display our angst at the inhumane actions of ISIS and give reason for our offering our support. This may be seen by some as propaganda but I think that we dropped the ball after withdrawing from the Gulf war and are now simply trying to make up for it.

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