Is the government's monitoring of Internet activity an acceptable way to investigate terrorism?

  • Monitoring internet activity is an acceptable way to investigate terrorism.

    Government monitoring of internet activity is an acceptable way of combatting terrorism because such plans have been known to be visible via the internet. By monitoring suspsicious activity, it gives our government the opportunity to protect us to their full extent. Violating personal privacy rights must not take place, and regulations that govern these government investigative parties should always be upheld.

  • What About Civil Liberties?

    Civil liberties in the United States must be upheld. Benjamin Franklin said it best: "Those who give up liberty for more security shall have neither." The government for and by the people cannot destroy the freedoms Americans enjoy in the name of protecting us against terrorism. If someone wants to engage in a terrorist act, they will find a way no matter how restrictive or protective security measures become. There will always be motivated psychos who find a way to blow up something on American soil no matter how tight Internet security is for modern times.

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