Is the government's tracking of phone records an acceptable way to investigate terrorism?

  • Tracking Phone Records is Unfortunate but Neccessary

    Some people hate our way of life, and we must guard ourselves against them.
    Tracking phone records, and even selectively listening to phone calls to certain
    numbers is an unavoidable necessity. It is how we rid ourselves of gangsters
    after prohibition, and it is how we must try to protect ourselves today. We were
    surprised at Pearl Harbor, and again in New York City. Modern weapons are
    so powerful, we must not be surprised again.

  • Government phone tracking is not an acceptable way to investigate terrorism

    Tracking phone records seems to be a very low tech and inefficient way to investigate terrorism. Modern technology seems to have moved so far past this that I would think there would be many other more effective avenues to investigate terrorism and terrorist threats. The government invests so much money in technology it should be able to find and implement a much better strategy.

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