• Yes, it is a triumph.

    Greece is a gigantic mess as we speak, but this referendum was a huge deal and a massive triumph for the Greek people. It would be a shame to see such a cultural center of the world collapse. The Greeks should hopefully be able to move forward and make many improvements now.

  • Greece has to change

    Greece has to change if they want to be part of the EU and have a real functional economy. There is massive corruption in Greece - not even at the top levels, but at the low and middle levels - and can't keep relying on Germany and other countries work harder for them.

  • Freedom, personal accountability, and responsibility are the only way to go.

    So they've approved another bailout to continue their expansion of government. The problem with having government do everything, including employ the people, one of their biggest problems, is that a government agency doesn't HAVE to make profit to stay afloat. Rather, they only have to get another budget approval for tax dollars. The money simply isn't there in regards to government run jobs so they've been cut for a good reason. The people that are behind this bailout, and unfortunately it's a great many in Greece, need to realize that they need to start creating jobs and bringing money INTO the country rather than demanding more government jobs. This is not a victory as they are only delaying the inevitable. The only problem is, their wound is festering under those poorly created bandages so when they go to treat it, it's going to require amputation. Allowing another bailout is like putting a new bandage on top of the old one and staying at the house instead of going to see the Dr. to have the wound treated.

  • It doesn't solve a problem.

    No, the Greek referendum regarding the EU bailout is not a triumph, because it is not a long-term solution. The EU put a patch on Greece without addressing their long-term financial problems or the problems of greater Europe. Greece is a symptom of a larger problem that the EU has to address in order to stay healthy fiscally.

  • More tragedy than triumph

    The Greek referendum regarding the EU bailout is not a triumph. This is because it induces a fear in the countries giving Greece the bail-out. It does not cut enough social program benefits to the people. The country is so used to cradle-to-the-crave coddling by the government that Greece finds it quite difficult to wean the public as necessary.

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