• Yes it is

    It's not perfect, But it includes changes that need to be made to realistically fight climate change. It will never pass as long as the oil industry can fund republican campaigns, But it is a good bill. Meanwhile, We all just have to watch the world die so a few rich people can get richer.

  • That is possible.

    We went to moon. We brought internet to the US.
    We can go green if we wanted to.
    If it was to fund the military there would be no problem.

    Just look at who is opposing the bill. Oil companies. They pay millions of dollar at politicians to vote no on green power. They pimp out scientists to say that oil is better and safer. And they pay for shills to write hit pieces on why green energy is impossible.

    They are afraid because they know that they cannot charge you for the sun and for wind the ocean and for geothermal power. They are afraid to not make money anymore.

  • No, No and no

    Okay in rebuttal to one of the yes arguments who brought up the bribery argument. Do you have any idea how much solar companies will benefit from this? If you think bribery is going on don’t you think they could be bribing politicians to go green so everyone buys their solar panels? They’ll be so freaking rich!

    We don’t even know if this is a real issue even so why bother with it? Scienctist have been wrong about climate change for 50 years and the proposals were always insane. Last time they were worried about global cooling they wanted to melt the north and South Pole with hot rocks. Then the opposite now just climate change.

    At what point can we finally just write this off as a big giant conspiracy?

  • Uhhhh no just no. . .

    First off it doesn’t tackle the core countries who are polluting like India and China and second off even if we did the green new deal perfectly and it somehow magically didn’t tank the economy it won’t save us because
    A: you still have china and India and other third world nations polluting
    B: There’s very little you can do to control the climate let alone natural disasters
    C: why is there socialist policies to tackle climate change. . . ?

  • Absolutely the frick not.

    I can't believe there are people who actually support AOC. She's been saying stupid things since before she was even sworn in. The Green New Deal is a complete joke, From the preposterous claim that global warming is caused by cows farting to the part that gives money to people unwilling to work, Not to mention the fact that the entire plan would cost more than $50 trillion. It's no wonder why no Democrats voted in favor of the Green New Deal.

  • No, It is not sustainable.

    The Green New Deal is not a sustainable bill. It is riddled with inaccuracies and falsehoods. America, Even after leaving the Paris Climate Accord, Has done more than any of the other countries involved in the accord to reduce emissions. This bill would cripple the U. S. Economy and drive people out of the country.

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