• They present good ideas

    I love the pacifism going on, for peace is a virtue amongst our society. We need to stop fighting so that we can work on actual issues that face us. Also present a good approach on economy: the cost of living has become too expensive, both to humans as well as mother earth. We need to save the planet we are living on and it will benefit us, too.

  • I am a Green Party member

    I am a Pacifist, I am also in the Green Party USA, I want to make recycling law, in order it insure the future and use our natural resources wisely and teach the kids in school to do so as well, if you don't teach kids to recycle, then the world will become trash, and we will have nothing to live for.

  • Greens as Alternative

    I don't agree with some of their policies but they are a party who wants to change and thus improve the ways we live. They are not in it for the good of only themselves and would be more of a consensus government than we have ever had. I think they may stop the corruption of the politicians and counselors we now have.

  • Yes, it is slowly becoming viable.

    First, the Green Party is viable in other countries, so the platform makes sense to at least some people around the world. Here in the United States, it faces challenges and is behind in raising money. However, they do win local elections and often get several percentage points in the larger races. The 1992 Presidential Election featured an independent as a viable third party candidate, so there is at least some precedent for believing that a Green Party member could hold a high post.

    Furthermore, as society grapples with inequality on the rise and with global warming, the tenets of the Green Party will only resonate more with voters in America.

  • Indeed.

    To me, any political party is viable. Every viewpoint is valid. Even if it cannot win an election, it can certainly sway voters and affect the outcomes. Sometimes people do not align with either party, or wish that their party was more conservative/liberal than it is. So, third parties are good for those who are looking for something different.

  • Helped Bush Win Florida in 2000

    The Green Party is a political party that hasn't gained much traction nationwide. The biggest splash the Green Party made was in 2000 when tens of thousands of votes went to Ralph Nader for president, taking away potential votes for Al Gore. George W. Bush then won Florida and then won the presidency. The Green Party can be a political force if they can get more mainstream attention.

  • In a two party system, the Green party is the next best chance

    I believe in social justice and human rights for everyone. This is what the Green party stands for; this is also a sticking point for the democratic party as it stands post-election in 2012. Pro-choice, pro-family (gay marriage), and increases on the most privileged (read: wealthy) are all key pieces to what the Green party can hang it's hat on.

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