• The Green Revolution is beneficial to the Earth.

    The Green Revolution is beneficial to the Earth. Helping the environment will solve many of the problems caused by pollution. In the future, humans should work together to limit our impact on the environment. Now is the time to act, before it is too late and the changes we have made become permanent.

  • Outstanding For The Earth

    I believe the Green Revolution is beneficial to the Earth. If we weren't seeking out environmentally friendly alternatives at all, we'd still be chugging along as we were back in the 70's and 80's and by now, things would be far worse than they are. Thankfully, we've managed to restore clean air in some places and reduced smog in others. We haven't answered all of the problems, but we're far better off than we would be if the Green Revolution didn't exist.

  • I don't think so

    The Green Revolution does have a lot of benefits, mainly being that we can now feed more people than we ever could before. However, if we are talking about the benefit to the Earth, then I would have to disagree. I think we are over farming the earth as it is.

  • It hampers progress.

    No, the Green Revolution is not beneficial to the earth, because it cuts away at quality of life for humans, in the name of the environment. Without cars, people cannot travel to see their relatives. They also have to live in places where the best jobs are job available. In the name of the environment, people do not have a good quality of life. The earth does not benefit from this.

  • Some techniques of the green revolution are crude and harmful

    The green revolution modernized farming techniques with irrigation,
    hybrid seeds, improved pesticides and other evolved technologies. It increased crop
    yields tremendously around the world, feeding the hungry and lowering farm prices.
    However, its techniques also draw down water supplies, and encourage
    monoculture that can make crops susceptible to disease and insect attack. These
    new methods can cause pollution, increase erosion and destabilize traditional
    ways of life. The techniques of the green revolution need to be refined, to
    better nurture the earth.

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