Is the growth of technology a good thing (yes) or a bad thing (no)?

  • Technology has improved over the past 50 years in a good way(somewhat)but has mainly been a bad thing,in my opinion.

    Why the growth of technology is not good:
    -causes obesity/ADHD
    -eye/brain damage
    -muscle strain
    -need for vitamins
    -taking away jobs
    -less human interaction
    -less actual education(using calculators instead of hand math)
    -people could get your personal information on the internet
    -internet stalkers
    In conclusion, the growth in technology is NOT very good for us, in the future it might just end our kind for good. All the little toddlers and babies of today will not be able to fully continue our strive to survive because all they will (and are) doing is watching tv and playing little mind-numbing games on electronics and eventually they may develop diabetes or ADHD, which is clearly NOT GOOD.

  • The technology is the apex of knowledge

    1. If you have "how to do" you have knowledge and you can change your life
    2. You may transform your world
    3. Probably, you should get more money and get a good job.
    4. And then, if you have money and knowledge you find a pretty girl for get married.
    5. When the technology rises, you must follow with it

  • Growth technology has growing and growing and getting worse and worse.

    Technology Is NOT good for you
    So many people think that technology is bad. Some is good. While growing up, parents included technology in your life. You were so interested in it, so you got obsessed. Why? Now that you're obsessed, you're addicted and now 'glued' to it. Now that you are, you go blind, get headaches, and since you're obsessed, you don't go outside that often and don't get exercise; Technology is NOT good for you.
    Technology is supposed to help everyone; with homework, fixing machines and getting materials that we cant touch, like, trying to get a crystal from a volcano that is really close to magma. All of that is risky. All of that is dangerous. For example, this app called ‘Pokémon GO’ Is an app that is a moving around app but most people don't pay attention and they step on poison ivy and get horrible rashes during a trip, maybe they trip and hurt themselves, maybe they might fall down a cliff. All those can really happen. People don't like getting hurt but because of this technology people are getting injured and possibly killed!

  • The Growth of technology is a bad thing

    I say this because ,
    1.You could gain eye disorder.
    2.The making of technology in factories could cause bad gas emissions.
    3.More time on technology causes people to do less physical activities.
    4.Kids could become more obese because of too much time on technology.
    5. Technology causes a lot more distractions

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