Is the growth of technology spoiling the field of music?

Asked by: arjunmahishi
  • Yes it is

    According to me it definitely is spoiling music. In the olden days (before 2005) music was made just by instruments. But now there is "auto tune". Due to this , just about anyone can become a singer and become famous. But the point is not to become famous. The main point is to make good music, which is not being made due to ease the technology has caused for the artists, they are not putting any effort into making a song. They just sing some random crap and they auto tune it and become famous. Anybody who has lots of money can do that. Now the person who has money will become a great singer but a person who actually has the skill will not be recognized because his songs might not has any fancy effects.


  • Growth of Technology Grows Field of Music

    It doesn't spoil it. It creates tons more varieties and keeps music as popular as ever. Music is Music doesn't matter if it comes out of instruments or computers. Music wouldn't be liked as much if every single song ever created had to come from instruments. People have different likes .

  • It's still music

    While modern music does have it's issues (Autotune? Seriously?) it's still music, and while it admittedly takes less talent than older music may have, it still requires a basic amount of skill from the composer. Technology music can still invoke emotions in people and it's proven to be very popular, at least as much as music from, say, the 50's. It's simply a new age of music.

  • If anything, it might help

    To be honest with you, I feel like people should have an appreciation for all forms of music. Including what's "in" right now. Music that's seen as "un-original" and "stupid" to some, might be wonderful to others. Technology has helped music tremendously, so many people can make music ,listen to music, find music, its helped access to more abstract fields of music. Music is an art form. Therefore this could only ever be an opinion, not a fact.

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TheRealistRepublican says2013-07-01T18:36:23.850
Look at it this way, the majority of people I have talked to believe this: "Old Age- good music, bad technology. New Age- good technology, bad music."