• Yes the gun control fight is worth it

    Yes, I think that the gun control fight is worth it. I think that by educating people about why more gun control is necessary to help to lessen crimes committed by people with guns will help to push and create legislation that will call for more gun control which will help to lessen violence.

  • Yes the gun control fight is worth it.

    I think that the gun fight is worth all of it. Because they say it is not guns who kill people. It is people that kill people. If we don't have the guns than we won't have as much killings in the United States and this is why we should fight for the gun control laws.

  • Yes, It is

    I feel that Americans should have the right to own a gun, but they should prove that they can handle the responsibilies that comes with owning a gun. If we have to go through credit checks and background checks for everything else..We should have to do the same process for owning a deadly weapon.

  • Yes, to some people.

    Many people lived in an age of America where they were able to have guns in all different kinds of places. Those people feel like we are taking something special away from them with new gun control laws. If they feel like the fight is worth it and means something to them, then yes, it is.

  • The Gun Control Fight Is a Stupid One

    The gun control advocates have demonized gun owners, equalizing them to criminals. In reality, it is simply not the case. A normal gun owner has a gun from a practical perspective. They do not believe that they have the right to kill someone in cold blood. However, if someone breaks into their home or place of business, too bad for them.

    With the amount of gun control regulations already in place, gun control advocates are already at the brink of taking the right to keep and bear arms away from them. For example, if any gun control advocate has read the "Assault Weapons Ban of 2013", there is nothing that indicates that they are going to halt "military-grade" weapons. These "military-grade weapons" that Dianne Feinstein is planning to ban aren't even used by the military. First of all, they are semi-automatic rifles. No military will use semi-automatic rifles because they do not fire fast enough. Second, the additions that the AWB of 2013 is targeting are not even remotely used by the military. As the Senate hearings described, the additions are designed so that a user would fire from the hip, never down the sights. Those additions have absolutely nothing to do with "military-grade" weapons. Military-grade weapons are already regulated by State and Federal regulations.

    A gun is a commodity. It is ridiculous to permit such a pathetic fallacy to emerge. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. It's also ridiculous to associate correlations with causations. Gun controllers cherry pick their data and only make fools of themselves when the truth comes out like egg on their face.

  • Nothing but a smokescreen.

    Gun control is a smokescreen by the elites to cover-up the fact of the disaster that was deinstitutionalization of the mentally-ill in the 1960s. One party believes that it violates civil rights, and the other doesn't want to pay for it.

    Instead of reforming the mental-health facilities, their answer seems to be today to limit the damage and make everyone pop anti-psychotic pills, neither of which works. Every single mass-shooter in the past 25 years has been on anti-psychotic drugs. People need to wake up.

  • It is our constitutional right to bear arms!

    Our fore fathers fight for us to bear arms. It is our right as Americans to own guns. To protect ourselves and our families. The world is not always a safe place. There are people who want to break into our homes, steal our stuff and in the process, harm our families. I believe if someone breaks the law and breaks into my house, I should be able to have a gun of my choosing to protect myself from that invader. That person invaded my home and threatened me and mine for my things or money. That is criminal. If I do not have a gun and he does, I will be the one harmed or worst, killed. It is not the guns who kill, its the people behind the gun that kills. If the criminals have the guns of all shapes and sizes, we should be able to own the same. I believe in getting the gun legally unlike the criminals, but no government has the right to tell me I cannot own one.

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