• Gun Owners Vote

    Lets see. The last time the government went against the second amendment and honest gun owners no guns were taken off the street. But a lot of democrats were taken off the streets of Washington DC. The gun lobby is made up of millions of gun owners. It's not just a few guys in suites.

  • Yes, pretty much

    At least for the foreseeable future.

    Testament to their power is how many of their extreme views are still law. A majority of the public supports ending the "gun show loophole", where a background check isn't required at a gun show, but it still exists, just as one example.

    Should a republican go against their orders, that congressman will find himself contested in their primary by a candidate back by the money of the NRA, along with the more conservative electorate that participates in primaries. It'll be an entire generation until that will change.

  • The Gun Lobby Is Not Invincible

    Nothing is invincible, and that includes the gun lobby. As we have more tragedies in society, the gun laws and restrictions will continue to be questions. I think it is only a matter of time before we see things change. As more people begin to voice opinions on gun control, lobbyist will have to adjust with the times and opinions of society.

  • I don't think it is.

    The recent tragedies in Oregon and Connecticut are making law makers who support gun rights speak out in favor of gun control. Why is gun control so frightening to gun owners? Why is it considered to be such a liberal issue? The gun lobbyists need to sit down and listen to reason, especially when law makers are changing their minds.

  • Doesn't look it

    A lot of senators that have an A rating from the NRA are voicing thoughts about reapplying assault weapon bans being a good idea. It's disgusting anybody cares what the NRA grades them as to begin with but the fact that people are starting to go away from it indicates gun lobbyists aren't the end of the discussion that they once were.

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