• Yes, it has been so far.

    It is very sad to say, but the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby seem to be impossible to break because they have a lot of clout and money backing them up. So while it seems wise to limit certain types of guns, it doesn't look like that is going to happen.

  • Because they're right.

    Yes, the gun lobby is unbreakable, because they are very strong. They are right in what they believe, because their rights are clearly within the confines of the Second Amendment. They are passionate about their gun rights, and they are not about to be controlled by people who make fun of them for clinging to their guns and religion.

  • Yes, the gun lobby is unbreakable.

    The gun lobby is unbreakable, in my opinion, because their beliefs are ingrained in who they are as people. Beliefs that are taught throughout childhood are the hardest to "un-ingrain". The gun lobby are among those people whose beliefs part of the essence of who they are as a person (people).

  • No, I don't think so.

    No, the gun lobby and the NRA are not unbreakable, but it will take a lot of strength, effort, teamwork and funds to start to break down all the barriers they have placed over the years. People who believe in sensible gun ownership need to work together to educate the public on the policies of the zealots.

  • No im sure not

    I am sure if we are here talking about here in the United States of America that gun lobby is not unbreakable. The current route that is being done may not be the right route to do that is why it may appear that things are not able to break.

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