Is the Guy Fawkes mask really appropriate symbolism for the followers of Project Chanology?

  • I Think It Fits

    I think the Guy Fawkes mask is an appropriate symbol for the followers of Project Chanology. I believe the masks are a good outward appearance that can both blend in and stand out at the same moment. I believe the masks also invoke a sense of curiosity and innocence which blends well.

  • The Guy Fawkes mask

    The guy Fawkes mask is not an appropriate symbol for the followers of project chanology. Guy Fawkes stood for something slightly different than what the people that wear the mast today stand for. In today's world, the people that wear the mask stand for disobedience and chaos, mainly by young people.

  • They need them for their safety.

    Yes, I think that the Guy Fawkes mask is entirely appropriate for Project Chanology. They're dealing with the predatory mind control cult of Scientology. Those people are vindictive, and have been known to stalk and harass their critics. The masks provide Chanology with a level of safety, and are somewhat unsettling to look at.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that this mask is a good symbol for them to follow, and that if they think that it is what they want to follow than we can not say that they should or should not follow it. I think that they are free to do that they want.

  • It is demeaning.

    No, the Guy Fawks mask is not really an appropriate symbol of Project Chanology, because the people who are a part of Project Chanology are trying to make an honest protest of the practices of scientology. The Guy Fawks mask is associated with a terrorist plot to blow up the House of Lords. They should not try to associate with something destructive.

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