Is the habit of reading becoming extinct among students?

  • Reading will not be a major form of communication in the years ahead

    Change does not happen quickly, but it will happen and reading will be extinct. Media oriented communication is becoming the best learning tool. For hundreds of thousands of years, we spoke, we acted, we drew pictures, but reading letters was only in the last two thousand years and until recently in history, only for a select few. It's an unnatural act which in excess damages the eyes. Media communication is doing it thru speaking, acting and pictures as we always had and were meant to. Reading by letters came and will go. In the long history of man, it is only a fad.

  • Yes reading is extinct

    Try taking books with you for babysitting. The kids usually pick television,computer or video games. The books end up on the floor ignored and tripped over. And Eventually the trash. Another way to teach kids to read. Close captioning in the videos can help in reading. In conclusion work with the new technology society. Do not push reading.

  • The habit of reading is becoming extinct among students.

    The habit of reading is becoming extinct among students. Most students these days are so technological advanced that the theory of picking up an actual book and reading it is very rare. Most kids walk around with tablets these days and you actually never see them reading a book, especially with the Internet in their hands.

  • They're reading more today than ever before.

    On the contrary, students are reading more today than they have in the last several decades. Harry Potter and Twilight are two series that should come immediately to mind for most people when they think of young fiction. Not to mention that the Internet is still mostly a text-based medium that encourages literacy.

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