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  • Allegations of racism in the Hague are ridiculous

    The Hague is an international court for trying war criminals among others. The fact is that Africa is where most of these crimes occur in toady's world. The rest of the world is more peaceful. Why it is not with out it's problems the earth is fairly stable for the most part, aside from the African continent. Genocides and civil wars have torn the African continent apart. This is the reason that it is people from mostly African nations being tried in the Hague.

  • The Hague Racist.

    I personally think that the Hague could be racist because it has a lot to do with the institution. I personally think that however the Hague handles racism is very wrong because all people should be treated equally no matter the color of their skin. I personally think that although it is apart of the institution and its a court it can go through changes to make it a better place.

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