• Harry's Place blog is wrong in its position

    Harry's Place believes that Islam is a violent religion. It is not. It has tools within its scripture that suggest a man can defend his faith, but it is not any more inherently violent than Christianity. Harry's Place says that the Muslims hate all that aren't Muslim. That is not true. They look down on non-believers, but so do Christians. This does not equate to hate. Harry's Place makes many assumptions that are just inaccurate and nearly libel.

  • Yes, but it's an opinion

    I believe they are wrong in their position on Islam, but I also believe it's their right to have whatever belief they want as long as it does not directly lead to harm. I personally do not agree with there negative outlook on the religion, but I support their right to do so.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe Harry's Place political blog is wrong in its position on Islam. Islam is a religion with millions of followers and most of them are just as good and kind hearted as their Christian counterparts. I believe the stance Harry's Place holds is damaging to society and proliferates lies about those involved with the Islamic faith.

  • No, I don't think governments are that fragile...

    Though popular websites can have an effect on politics, government and politicians, I think the effects are greatly exaggerated. Politicians use it as another tool to judge how people feel, but I don't think it really affects anything in a big way. I think that kind of change takes real action.

  • The blog tries to be supportive of all religions in a moderate way.

    Harry's Place political blog is not wrong in its position on Islamism. This blog tries to show preferance for moderation in religion. It does not promote extremism of any kind. It has a lot of followers because it supports a somewhat realistic resolution to peace on the Middle East for all.

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