Is the hate against homosexuality equal to other prejudice in the past like racism?

Asked by: Darthsquidge
  • Don't try and Justify it

    Most straight people would throw up at the idea of men having sex with men, none the less, why on earth would someone want to tell them that they are not natural or inhumane, or make laws that would discriminate against them. Just plop in a DVD of Philadelphia and love the world :)

  • Why hate someone for being different?

    Why do people hate gays? I'd it because they think it's disgusting out I'd it because they're different? People shouldn't hate others for being different because we are all the same no matter how we are. Making a difference ids what moves this world.So please stop the hatred and make that different and change your perspective about life.

  • All hate is unacceptable

    Hateful expressions toward homosexuals is not different from a hateful expression toward anyone. Nothing should ever justify hate. None should be taunted or made to feel less than a human being.
    However, it is a fallacy to describe a religious resistance toward toward homosexuality as hatred. Christians don't hate homosexuals if they express disagreement toward homosexuality in the context of their faith, and mustn't be intimidated into believing so. While Christians must stand for the rights of everyone, they must at the same time stand on the principles of their faith.

  • Enough with the justification

    Hatred against homosexuals on the sole basis of their orientation is nothing short of disgusting. Such bigots will be remembered by history as either terrible human beings or people of very limited intellectual capacity. I recall when I was once like that and I am terribly ashamed of myself. Enough is enough, it is not ok, it is horrible and anyone who thinks otherwise is merely lost in a pool of their own irrational loathing.

  • It is not far removed.


    - They are killed by many (More so with gays)
    - They are bullied in school (Even more so with gays)
    - They are denied jobs (and it is actually legal in some states to fire gays)
    - Some may try to "change" themselves (Michael Jackson for blacks, Reparative Therapy for gays)
    - The changes often backfire, making them hate themselves even more. (Look at all the gay suicides)

    In 30+ states it is actually legal to be fired over being gay. In the backwards nation of Pakistan, they can be put to DEATH!

    Gay rights for the whole world. Being gay is neither good nor bad. You're equal in my book, and in the book of every other thinking person.

  • Bigotry is bigotry.

    Hating all people of a single trait is the same no matter what that trait is- hating white people, hating black people, hating gays, hating atheists, hating Muslims, hating handicapped people, whatever.

    On top of that, homosexuality is inborn like race. There is little more ridiculous than hating a person for something that they were born and cannot change.

  • History repeats itself.

    The current hate against homosexuality is the same to what we have experienced in the past. In the United States, we have already dealt with racism and look how it completely changed our country. It split our country in two an some people even left our country to escape the discrimination and now we are repeating it. Prejudice is prejudice.

  • Exactly the same in regards to persecution of an minority

    Of course it is. Although, the exact nature of that equality varies. A gay man can hide his sexuality and live a lie, whereas a black man could not disguise his colour so well. In the end, both groups have discriminated and judged as minority groups, by the majority. Gay rights have argued the right to marry. A civil right they have not been granted, despite an accident of birth they cannot help.

  • Well, yes, let me explain :

    You see, being homosexual, and being of a different race, are indeed different things. But the ideologies people share when it comes to such topics are often very similar. Discriminate against someone because they're a minority skin colour, might as well do the same for sexuality.

    The though process of racists/homophobics are, you'll find, very similar.

  • Homosexuals are human beings too.

    Civil rights include all homo sapiens (no pun intended). Every year, married homosexual couples are denied the rights and benefits that come with a legal marital status. This is also a direct violation of the first amendment. Every American citizen is given ALL constitutional rights. Allowing homosexuals to get married would be the final step in the civil rights movement.

  • Who's getting lynched.

    I see no lynchings please tell me when we ship them to plantation or on death marches. I support the gay agenda but the comparison is nil. Are the restrictions bad yes. Is it at the point of violence no. Is it visible as skin no. The shared features are few and far between.

  • It's darn close.

    Hate against homosexuals is caused by two major things: disgust, and judgement. It seems disgusting to most of us, but as far as I'm aware, this, by it's self is not the cause of hate. This combines with recognition of the morality of homosexuality to form hate. I'm not saying that it always does, I'm saying that it frequently does. Racism is without any sort of moral objection, "homophobia" (I hate the word, but know of no synonyms) is. Other than that, it's just hate of people who aren't the hater. I think that homosexuals are in general, hyper-sensitive, and make it look like there's more of an issue than there really is. Not only that, but they tend to see people's disgust, or moral objections as hate, and they're clearly not the same.

  • Homosexuality and Race are Different Things

    Homosexuality is a behavior (at least your question suggests the behavior of homosexuality as opposed to just the fact that some may have homosexual attractions but do not act on these feelings); while race is a property. One cannot choose one's skin color or race because those are properties he is unable to change. Like apples are red and some are green. It would be absurd to hate red apples simply because of their color difference. Homosexuality, particularly in males, leads to demonstrable harm to oneself and to others, as does many other unhealthy sexual behaviors, and is just that, a behavior and not a property. Therefore to hate homosexuality would be much different than hating a person because of his race or color.

  • It is NOT about HATE!

    It is about what is right based on the foundation of this country people are just scared to speak up! The bible is and always will be the foundation and book of living by. Christians need to stand up and rally just as the activist for gay marriage, banning the confederate flag and other do. Why won't we? Let's stop hiding behind the bible and get out there and make a difference. Sorry if this offends anyone but someone needs to say it. GOD has made it clear homosexuality is a SIN!!!

  • The hate toward the LBGT community is horrible, but...

    Arbitary discremination, bigotry, and predudice against another human being is evil, period. Though it's an over simplification to equally equate the hate of homosexuality as the same as "past" instances of racism. Using the history of America as an example, there has never been institutional hate against homosexuals like there was government sponsored and legal descrimination against Blacks.

    On an individual bases, a gay man can, and has, experienced the crippling horrors of hate, but his mother wouldn't be arbitrarily subjected to the same fate, nor would his son.

  • No, not as violent

    Homosexuality is a condemnable behaviour which the individual has done by his/her own choice. He/she had the choice not to do so but still became homosexual. On the other hand, racism makes a person gets punished for no fault of his (for something he has no control over ie his skin colour). Thus these both are very different.

    Black people had to endure horrendous activities in the past e.G getting lynched, separate bad townships, slavery, going to plantations etc. Homosexuals never have gone through this even though it is something they deserve to be condemned for unlike the black people who have no control over their skin colour.

  • Following God is NOT hate

    If you believe in God and follow what he says its not hate because it's your religion and lifestyle. Believing that Homos will rot in Hell is no big deal its just a religion and a lifestyle not hate or racism.

    Racism: Hate of someones Skin color

    Hell: where sinners go including gays

    Prejudice: To hate someone because of who they are

    Hope I cleared it up for you!

  • No, homosexuality is not arbitrary.

    No, the hate against homosexuality is not equal to past prejudices, such as racism. Race is something that is completely arbitrary. A person is not different from another simply because they are a different race. However, only males and females can create children. Some people believe this changes society's interests as far as men and women are concerned.

  • Prejudice is always painful but the homosexual community has not endured as much pain as some races during dark times.

    The Holocaust: estimated 3-5 million Jews were systematically murdered.

    Manifest destiny: Native Americans were forcibly removed from their land and told to succeed in a capitolist white culture that they resented, or die.

    American Slavery: If you don't know then get off of here and read civil war history and watch roots.

    While individually and even in small groups in mideval times, gays were murdered, or beaten etc, their society has not COLLECTIVELY shared nearly the same pain as those 3 mentioned above.

    I suppport same sex marriage so please don't take this the wrong way. You can for all intensive purposes hide being gay. You can't hide your skin color.

  • Past is the Past

    First off. The boats that brought " the slaves" to us usually sported the original American flag at the time not the rebel. Secondly the current confederate flag wasn't created until after the battle. And finally. The past is the past. Yes it happened and yes it mattered but just because someone has a rebel flag on their flag pole it doesn't mean they want to turn the African-Americans into slaves or even take it back before Rosa Parks. Seriously. Yes there are racist white people but by saying that were racist for having a rebel flag or pulling the black card, that makes you the racist one.. You don't have to be "white" to be racist. It's 2016 get over it.

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DanielCoimbra says2013-12-06T20:45:54.357
I find it unnerving that you label racism as something from the past. :/
Darthsquidge says2013-12-09T19:18:16.757
Well fortunately Racism is less now than it was in the past. So I was more talking about in the past when racism was at it's worse, though I do accept and am saddened by the fact that there still is racism in society today.
abyteofbrain says2013-12-10T01:34:46.527
I agree.