Is the hate against Margaret Thatcher justified?

Asked by: NBhimmy
  • The woman that divided Britain

    Thatcher was an absolutely horrible PM and a vile human being. She was fully briefed on what happened when 96 people died at Hillsborough, but intentionally distorted the truth because the Police were responsible. She called General Suharto, mass-murdering dictator of Indonesia "one of our very best and most valuable friends." She used her political power to censor the media with the goal of distorting public opinion. Her 'Right to Buy' scheme was a massive sell-off of council housing to private landlords, including many Tory donors. She supported apartheid and considered Nelson Mandela's ANC a terrorist organisation. She praised and supported Pinochet long after it was known he was responsible for killing hundreds of dissidents. She gave the order to sink a ship that was retreating away from the Falklands, killing 323. She played off hatred of foreigners to become more popular with National Front voters. Far from being a feminist icon, she opposed equal rights for women and enacted policies that hit women more strongly. She sold off government assets and community resources to private companies. Her so-called 'poll tax' was hated because it shifted the tax burden from the rich to the poor. She deregulated school meals, lowering nutritional standards for children. Her 'Care in the Community' scheme left vulnerable people to fend for themselves, resulting in increased homelessness, crime and suicide. When workers protested against policies affecting their communities she used the Police as her army and had them attacked. She advocated and pushed for the 2003 War in Iraq. Under her reign, inequality rose. The poor got even poorer but the rich continued to get richer. The economic policies she resolutely stuck to left thousands of families in poverty. She aided the Khmer Rouge while they were killing millions of Cambodians. Her tax policies gave large companies a break while the poor paid more. She supported laws which made homosexuality a taboo subject and closed gay and lesbian support centres. She spent £1bn of government money propping up Saddam Hussein during the 1980s. Prior to her intervention it was considered normal for growing schoolchildren to get milk at school, regardless of household income. She stopped that. Now you tell me that she wasn't a cow who deserves, even in death, to be despised by all.

  • She was a politician!, what do you expect?. All politicians are back stabbing, lying, and only out( in the main) for them selves!!.

    I personally liked her stance on the Falklands!, the other parts of her time in office are unclear to me!. As in the main I was in Germany, either in the military or as a landscape gardener!!. So as she has passed I cannot and won't bad mouth her career!!.

    Posted by: PTW

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