Is the health care law Obama's biggest achievement (yes) or failure (no)?

  • Join the world

    Many European countries have had national health care for a long time. Which comes with its advantages. Now its time for us to join the world, and obama made it happen. I understand obama has done great things but this is the biggest. Now if republicans could calm down we could be done with it

  • The health care law is good.

    I believe that the Affordable Care
    Act (also known as Obama care) is definitely President Obama’s biggest
    achievement so far. It is definitely not
    a failure. There have been other
    Presidents who attempted to get similar laws passed and were not able to do it. I think that in the long run, people will see
    that this is a good thing.

  • Don't let private health insurance rob you with their FUD!

    This sort of opportunity doesn't come along often and the people against are the ones making shed loads of cash from it, the insurers.
    Once people get the care they need the nation will be healthier as a whole, it makes good economic and ethical sense to people and business to reduce disease overall and not just focus on the wealthy.

  • His only achievement

    In a way, the Affordable Care Act is a something of a failure, as most of it goes against the original principles thanks to the constant concessions made to the GOP (who STILL tried to block it over insurance industry lobbying). However, it has so far managed to get a lot of people without health insurance on their feet for cheaper premiums than they would have paid anywhere else beforehand. In a way, it is a success, and certainly his biggest.

  • Obama's Landmark Legislation

    President Barack Obama's landmark legislation was the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Although not perfect, his heart was in the right place. Too many Americans declare bankruptcy every year because of skyrocketing medical costs. Too many people were denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Something had to be done as medical expenses were rising much more quickly than the cost of living. Kudos to Obama for taking a stand for people who are too busy being sick to be heard in government, which is the point of having a republic form of government in the first place.

  • The health care law is Obama's biggest achievement.

    The health care law is Obama's biggest achievement. It all depends on who you are asking because according to him this is his biggest achievement. However I think it will end up hurting the patients in the long run because they will not be able to afford some of the actions that he has implemented.

  • Yes, Obamacare is the president's claim to fame

    President Obama failed to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay,
    and he failed to reign in the NSA gone wild. Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act,
    is definitely his biggest success. It will provide health care coverage for millions
    of Americans that had previously been unable to pay for it. It will prevent
    insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions,
    and will allow everyone to get testing that may discover treatable health
    problems before they become serious. Once they get the bugs out,
    Obamacare will be recognized as a major achievement.

  • No, it has ruined the country and the economy.

    No, the health care law is not Obama's biggest achievement, because it has not worked. The website could not even open without severe glitches. In the first week, only a handful of people were able to sign up, and that is across the entire country. The legislation has done nothing to improve health care, but it has limited care and made plans more expensive.

  • The ACA is overall a failure

    The ACA took a big problem, and created a bigger problem to fix the big problem. The big problem was that health insurance was not affordable, for both the poor and those with pre-existing conditions. What the ACA did was to expand Medicaid, which increases costs without a new revenue, and to prevent price discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, which did the same thing, to increase costs without increasing revenue. Therefore the upper and middle class pays the cost of the newly ensured to make up for the revenue gap. The problem is that everyone was told their insurance costs would be reduced, but in fact for most, health care costs increased. While the ACA has both good and bad effects, overall net effect is very bad.

  • Obamacare is a failure in many ways.

    Obamacare doesn't fix the actual problems that the United States healthcare faces. Dumping more money and more people in to an already stressed healthcare system could cause it to collapse. Obamacare will increase the size of the healthcare system, increase spending, and will not accomplish its goals. Many people have already lost their insurance, premiums have increase, and many educated people (like doctors) have lost their jobs. I agree that the healthcare system needs to be improved, however, Obamacare is not the way to accomplish it.

  • ObamaCare: Epic Fail from the word GO!

    I voted for the man. Twice. I have liberal leanings for the most part despite living around conservatives in the Bible Belt. I like Obama. But Obamacare was an epic failure! The decline of his popularity in the second term, directly after his second inauguration, can directly be linked to this new law!

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