• The Health Care Law is Unconstitutional

    The Health care law forces people to pay a mandate, or a tax, in order to provide themselves with healthcare. Forcing anyone to buy a healthcare package is very unconstitutional and goes against everything that this county has been founded on. We need to abolish the socialist healthcare plan so Americans are once again free to choose what they want.

  • Long Lines With NO Choices

    All the people who have voted for this atrocious law are ignorant and very uneducated in it's cataclysmic outcome. For example a pregnant woman may not be able to get to the hospital to have her baby on her due date or before , due to the long lines and glitches in the horrendous system of controlling chaos.

  • The health care law is not unconstitutional.

    It is in my opinion that the passing of the health care law is completely constitutional. Our country is built on the morals of fairness, freedom, and justice. How justified would it be to deny our citizen the medical attention they need? The health care laws provide lots of hard working citizens with the help of our government to save money so that we have a fair chance to survive in our nation. I am 100% for it.

  • The Supreme Court has ruled.

    Courts are the final settler of disputes and claims in law. In their decision, the Supreme Court of the United States, the highest in the land, has ruled that the Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act is indeed constitutional. This is not a matter of personal political opinion. This is a matter of whether or not it violates the Constitution of the United States. And it does not.

  • Do people actually understand the constitution ?

    The question here is whether or not the United States federal government has the constitutional rights of enforcing obama care (I assume the "law" is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is basically mandating health insurance...Excuse me if it's another legislation). This is different from asking if the fed SHOULD actually mandate heath insurance. The question only ask CAN the fed do it under the constitution. The answer is yes, the Constitution permits Congress to legislate a health insurance mandate. Congress can use its Commerce Clause powers or its taxing and spending powers to create such a mandate. Congress can impose a tax on those that do not purchase insurance, or provide tax benefits to those that do purchase insurance. If Congress would like the states to implement an insurance mandate, it can avoid conflicts with the anti-commandeering principle by either preempting state insurance laws or by conditioning federal funds on state compliance. Now, I am not advocating for obama care. I am just saying a health insurance mandate (obama care) is indeed constitutional.

  • The Health Care Law is not unconstitutional

    The Health Care Law is not unconstitutional and coincides with the beliefs and dynamics that the country was founded on. The American government was built to serve the people and providing its citizens with free health care is a fine way to do so. Our current system commercializes health care, disallowing low income citizens a proper and freely deserved human right. I am in complete support of the new Health Care Law as it directly reflects a more constitutional government.

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