• It could be a great plan, but it needs more thought.

    Overall, single payer health care would be way to go. There are too many middlemen in health care and a streamlined process would lower the costs. The problem is we have to hire people just to go through the red tape. And then there are different companies with different policies and different networks. Health insurance wouldn't likely disappear, because after all people still buy insurance on top of Medicare. And that would be an ideal system because there are drawbacks including long waits and denials of service in public systems that private insurance may be able to step in and help.

  • I believe it is better than the Obama Care

    I think Bernie Sanders health care plan is good for America, at least better than the Obama Care. I am willing to wait and see what happens, as things are much easier said than done. However, I think any plan will fail if it does not take care of the problem of people abusing the system because it is free, like happens in Canada

  • No. We need PERSONAL responsibility

    No it is not. Gov't should not be involved in personal responsibility matters. This includes, but not limited to, healthcare, housing, food and other basic necessity. Adults need to be responsible for their and their children basic needs. Last time I check, the gov't doesn't have money tree growing at the backyard of the White House. It needs to stop taking money from responsible people (taxpayers) and give it to the irresponsible.

  • We need SMALLER government

    The government needs to be smaller. This plan of Bernie's only exacerbates government control. This develops the "Nanny State" or the idea that the government should take care of every aspect of a person's life. I, for one, am highly against this. I am also against having to pay for another's medical care in many cases. If someone has diabetes because they ate too much sugar, fast food, etc. I should not be asked or expected to pay for their choices.

  • I think changing health care in this time would be unprofitable

    I don't think Bernie Sanders changing the health care plans add anything good to what we had before. It has already undergone big changes, I think it would be wise to wait until the benefits of those changes show up before changing it again. Bernie Sanders' plan adds nothing at all.

  • Costs too much

    Bernie's health care plan, much like the rest of his plans, comes at a much higher tax payer cost. While in an ideal society, nobody would go without the finest health care they can find, it's just not how our society works. The higher taxes will lead to less jobs and a recession in general.

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