• Yes the health care system is broken.

    Since the inception of the affordable health care act or Obama care the health care system has been on its way to being permanently disabled. The new taxes that we will all have to pay for the ability to provide universal coverage for every American will cripple the U.S. economy.

  • Absolutely the health care system is broken in America.

    Both my husband and I have worked in the health care system in American and it is seriously broken. We have millions of dollars invested in technology, research, and advertising in our American health system, and we still have people waiting in Emergency Rooms for 12 hours to have their cold treated. We have the best doctors and technology in the world, but we don't have a way to get treatment to the people who really need it. We have restricted our doctors to protocols and procedures when all they really want to do is treat patients. We as a country need to go back to the fundamentals of health care and stop over-regulating it to death. The use of Obamacare is just another one of those regulating forces that will give us more rules and less service. If we really want to find more money to put into health care we need to take a second look at the drug companies and technology giants that are price gouging pills and spending billions on advertising instead of treating patients. Forcing us to pay for our own Obamacare Healthcare insurance if we don't have insurance through our work is not the answer to providing healthcare to all Americans.

  • Yes, the health care system in the United States is "broken."

    Anyone who has ever made a trip to the emergency (ER) room has seen first hand just how broken the American system of health care is. The fact that you have to wait in line behind people who are using the ER for routine non-emergency care because they don't have insurance to cover the cost of an office visit and they have no plans on actually paying the ER bill is just one of many examples of issues with the broken health care system.

  • Universal healthcare ensures everyone gets care

    First off I am talking about the Canadian Healthcare system, not the American one. Even though there are long waits to see a doctor at a hospital, universal healthcare still means more equality. People should be guaranteed equal access to healthcare, just like education. Yes we pay for our healthcare through taxes, but that is the price we pay for those who are unable to afford such care. Even though the healthcare system now seems to be underfunded, has a lack of doctors, it still gets the job done well. And a job well done is all that matters, especially if you do not have to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

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