• Best Antagonist vs Protagonist Portrayal

    I believe in order to Lead Up to The Dark Knight era of the Batman Franchise We needed to see a Dark Villian Complete Choas w/ Nothing to Loose or Gain like Alfread quoted to Batman some Men can't be reasoned w/ bought or Bargained w/ they just want to See the World Burn!

  • Definitely the best Joker

    Heath Ledger was absolutely captivating in the Dark Knight- there is so much about his performance in that movie that is incredible. From his little facial tics, maniacal schemes and voice modulations, he makes the role look effortless and completely his own. He also manages to do something that the other Jokers could not- he evokes a mixed sense of fascination and fear in the audience- we still wonder how he got those scars!

  • The way he acted

    He acted like a physcopath, pausing exactly when he needed to, saying every word like his mind was messed up, and made sure he wasn't a laughable character. The joker has joke in his name, but Heath Ledger made sure he was a force to fear, which i feel was the entire point of the joker.

  • Heath Ledger played Joker best of all time

    Heath Ledger played Joker best of all time. Every critic and movie goer knows that he played the role very well, perhaps too well. It may be that in order to play his role so well, he ended up taking drugs, thus ruining his life and career forever. The Joker role was outstanding and his performance was top notch.

  • Not a Heath Leadger fan but Joker performance was legendary

    I have to admit I don't think I like any other movie Heath Ledger was in and have never been a fan of his but his Joker performance was off the charts. I love Jack Nicholson but Ledger's joker blew him out of the water. Ledger's portrayal of Joker is the best portrayal of a villain of all time in my book.

  • Heath Ledger gave everything of himself in that role, no one else could of played it like he did.

    While I do believe Jack Nicholson's Joker was so well played over time it became for of a campy performance. It was good for the time, but times change. You would see with Heath Ledger he became Joker, even all the reports you read about him at the time he was in the mindset of the Joker even off the set. I wish he was still arond to see the success of the role he played so well.

  • It is the best by a little bit.

    While I do believe that Jack Nicholson's portrayal was also brilliant, I prefer Heath Ledger's darker version a lot better. The way he was able to portray his psychotics was truly brilliant and a wonderful piece of acting. I do not believe I have ever seen crazy done so well in super hero movies.

  • Man for the time

    Even Tim Burton, who himself directed the previously best Batman films, commended Christopher Nolan on making the Batman movie for the time and place. Of these films, the Dark Knight is considered the best, and Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker was the way to play the role for the times.

  • Ledger joker defeated in one question

    Name on joke that ledger said in TDK? Like wise name a time that he true laughed at a joke or a situation? He is called the joker not the Anarchist. I agree that Mark Hamill joker is superior since he is able to play the clown, the criminal, the psychopath, and the anarchist.

  • Mark Hammel is Better

    Heath Ledger is the best in film, but Mark Hammel's portray in the animated series and Arkham video games is perfection. Although I love Heath Ledger's portrayal, he seems to sarcastic. Joker is a clown, he has to have a maniacal laugh and he has to try to make everything into a joke and I think the way Mark Hammel does that is spot on.

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