• This award has been corrupted to the point of honoring those with questionable stats and not integrity and long standing performance.

    To have a #1 candidate grab his crotch and spout profanity at the opposing team, shouldn't even be considered.
    Flash in the pan FRESHMAN make the list? How can they even be considered over those who have shown their excellence for years?
    The trophy is a hoax. I no longer respect anything that it represents.

  • Offense & Defense

    There are two teams on the field at all times: offense/defense. The award has gone to an offense player the majority of the time over the past decades with no consideration for the best defensive player. I field that there should be two Heisman Awards: Offense & Defense

    Lifelong Female Fan

  • Offense & Defense

    There are two teams on the field at all times: offense/defense. The award has gone to an offense player the majority of the time over the past decades with no consideration for the best defensive player. I field that there should be two Heisman Awards: Offense & Defense

    Lifelong Female Fan

  • Heisman Trophy truly is a JOKE!

    I believe there are at least 5 running backs who are "better" than Derrick Henry. There are maybe a dozen other football players "better" than Derrick Henry. The award should be presented one week AFTER the national championship game. Once again the national media does it's distortion thing! The sanctimonious sports writers who vote are a bigger JOKE!

  • Media Darling Award

    870 of the 926 votes are from the media. The only players they hype are the ones shown on national TV. Too many times it's more hype than talent...Doug Flutie, Johnny Manziel, Sam Bradford, Robert Griffin, Mark Ingram, Matt Leinart, Jason White, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel...

  • Media Darling Award

    Hyping a player that can be watched on national television does one thing...Draws in viewers. And thus, advertising dollars. How many times have you heard this, "Today's game should be a great one. We have Heisman hopeful...". There is no incentive for broadcast networks to talk about great players that won't be seen on television. Ask yourself, when was the last time a player from a small school won? Answer, 1951, Dick Kazmaier of Princeton. And who's going to watch the Heisman award broadcast if all the finalists were unseen, unknowns. So it's now all about viewing audience and advertising dollars.

  • It's a joke

    The award is supposed to be given to the best player, yet lately it has been given to an offensive player; almost always a quarterback. At this point being the best player in college does not mean anything unless you are also on one of the top teams in the country. It seems like they generally invite a couple of players from the top teams who are no doubt the best on their team, while leaving the best in college football to hang out to dry.

  • Worthy Criteria versus the Narrow Criterion

    The Heisman Trophy should go the to player who is an outstanding athlete, a good student, and demonstrates good character to leading his team. To me no player has met those criteria better than Nile Kinnick of Iowa. Besides being an outstanding football player, he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and was elected student body president his senior year.

    Another problem with the current Heisman Trophy, it is almost always awarded to an offensive player, typically a quarterback.

    Too often sports journalists are shaping the eventual outcome of this award with weekly updates that are too much tied to a team's national rankings.

    Unfortunately, the notion of an athletic scholarship has become an oxymoron, and voters do not consider how good is the candidate as a STUDENT-athlete. Junior college transfers are typically athletes who had to attend a junior college to get their grades up to snuff. Sorry but such players should never be considered for the Heisman unless they have an outstanding academic record, which is unlikely.

    The Heisman needs to be award to someone who is exceptional on and off the field. Unfortunately, the narrow-minded criterion, field performance is the only one considered.

  • Suspected Rapist wins Heisman Trophy

    The criteria for the winner of the Heisman Trophy should be based on more than just pure stats. One needs also take into account character and leadership of the candidates. Also the ability to overcome adversity should enter the equation as well. Strength of schedule should also be a factor.

  • The heisman is a joke

    First they award it with games still left which they shouldn't. They also award it based on hype of the team or one incredible game. Johnny football won it because he beat Alabama he wasn't even the best quaterback in his conference Arron murray was, now they have gave it to famous Jamies because he lead his team to an undefeated season with a game still left. Everyone knows had he lost one game he wouldn't have won or had Alabama won out aj would have won. The heisman is supposed to be about being good being a leader with good character on and off the field and famous Jamies doesn't have that or the accused rape would never happen. Maybe if they would start awarding it to the best individual for it you would see better success in the nfl

  • No Heisman trophy is an achievement.

    If you recognize the Heisman trophy for what it is then it is not a joke. It is an award given to the best college football player of the year. What is a joke is thinking that all because someone is great in college they will have a great pro career.

  • No.

    While it is trending that way, these past two season that saw RGIII and Johnny Football receive the Heisman prove that it is once again about the best player in football, and not the best player on the best team as it had been in recent years. If the Heisman trophy continues on in this way, it will remain relevant.

  • The Heisman is a prestigious award.

    The Heisman trophy award ceremony is a very prestigious ceremony and should be respected above all other college football awards. The winner of this trophy has most often helped bring his team to a championship or at the very least a winning season. The player gets to interact with previous winners at the ceremony and should be kept the way it is - awarded to the best college football player in the country.

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