• This car is pretty fast.

    The Hennessy Venom is made from America. It can hit 270 MPH. This car got some good fast engine. I am surprised about it and that by the way I'm more of a European car type of guy. I like the Lamborghini and all that good stuff. But I now also like this one American car.

  • There are a few issues with the Venom

    The first reason is that it never was put into production, and isn’t a production car. Also, It is essentially british. The body was made by Lotus, and if you drive one on the road, it has to be registered as a Lotus Elise. Besides, the car was only tested with straight line speed. It probably handles well, being a Lotus on Steroids, but it’s safety features are unknown. Super cars have had problems before with fires, like the Gallardo and the 911 GT3 RS. This car is insane, but nothing more than a prototype.

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