• A pragmatist who follows the facts wherever they lead.

    Nothing but stock arguments from the "no" side, I thought you guys were the "Skeptics"(TM) who were in favor of impartially examining the evidence, and yet you act like complete creationists as soon as the science shows that the racists you spent the whole time mocking and refusing to engage with were on the side of science this whole time.

    I'm sorry, but the conclusions from the facts are inescapable, just as evolution proves religion wrong and atheism correct, it also proves that the blank slate wrong and racism correct, there is also data that damningly shows the negative effects of racial diversity, the inborn racial biases we all have, the IQ values of each racial group, the different types of evolutionary-programmed strategies each racial groups possesses, and the fact that different races self-segregate over time.

    Phillipe Rushton's: r/K selection psychology shows why different races tend to vote differently, native americans and whites being the most K selected, and hispanics and blacks being the most r-selected, K's tend to vote more for libertarian and authoritarian governments, whereas r's tend to vote more for socialistic and globalistic governments.
    Charles Murray's Raven's progressive matrices: jews and northeast asians are the highest IQ, followed by whites, these groups are also all very successful, are unlikely to be sociopathic, and commit low rates of crime, however, the jews and asians are far less k-selected than whites, the lowest IQ groups are aboriginees, blacks, and hispanics, these groups are also unsuccessful, have a high proportion of sociopaths, and commit high rates of crime.
    Robert D. Putnam's "Bowling Alone" study shows that racial diversity is correlated with people being dicks to each other, high crime rates, high unemployment, high suicide attempt rates, as well as pollution and disrepair, it also results in people becoming socially isolated (as encapsulated in the aforementioned "bowling alone"), this strongly hints at ethnonationalism being a good thing, the same data also shws that the more people are exposed to racial diversity, the more racist and xenophobic they become, while the less exposed to racial diversity someone is, the more tolerant and xenophilic they become, it's for this reason that racial groups tend to segregate into their own communities whenever possible, this is why we have all-white suburbs and all-black ghettos, as well as chinatowns, little tokyo's, little mexico's, and natives choosing to live on reserves for their entire lives, none of this was conscious or planned, it just happened that the place they wanted to live tended to only draw in others of the same race, black people don't want to live in the suburbs because they don't feel safe there, and whites don't go into the hood for the same reason.
    Basically, diversity is forced, it's the opposite of natural, we aren't trying to stop people from coming together, you are supporting the people who are forcing people together who want to be apart, and you're doing this because it doesn't look right to you, fuck you.

  • Statistics are a Poor judge of IQ

    Heritability is a scary factor in deciding how intelligent groups of people are. Statistics can give us benefits in research, but when it comes to individual intelligence, Statistics lump people together in a way that takes away all individualism. Coupled with demographics, this can be a scary process that can lead to recism.

  • African American IQ

    Yes, this is a very valid argument for racism, for example here in the United States. Most of the white Americans here in the United States are born naturally with a higher IQ on average that that of African American people. So it is a very valid argument to use.

  • They are not connected.

    No, the heritability of IQ is not an argument in support of racism, because there is no proof or evidence even that IQ is linked to race. There are many smart white people out there, but there are many not so smart ones too. The same is true for black people, Asians and whomever else. IQ and race are not related.

  • Nothing Supports Racism

    I do not believe the inheritability of IQ is an argument in support racist. I believe anyone who takes this position is simply grasping at straws attempting to justify their own racist beliefs. IQ tests are created by man and have no real meaning in basic human life. Racism can't be justified.

  • No Excuse for Racism

    Although IQ can be inherited due to someone's parent's educational attainment, that is no excuse for racism. If anything, a higher IQ should be for more diversity and less racism in general. More diversity in human genetics means a greater chance of surviving a global calamity. Higher or lower IQs don't necessarily mean racism, although there is a greater divide between educational attainment and those who only graduate from high school.

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