Is the higher education of women bad for their marriage?

  • Yes it is bad for women, more for their husbands.

    In olden days, when women were less educated they had decency and modesty and they loved their husbands. They were never arrogant and disrespecting towards their husbands. But today the educated women don't take care of the house work and expect the men to take care of house work even when they come tired from work and office. This creates fights and divorces. Men are humans and not machines, meaning :- they can't work at home after working all day in office to make their working wives happy. Honestly, speaking the olden days were much better than today's times when women took care of home and loved and respected their husbands and got love and respect in return.

  • Being well-educated does not affect a relationship

    Women have the same rights as men, or should have anyway. If anything, higher education could be positive for a marriage as they too can have a well-paid, decent career that brings in more money for expenses. Despite this, I do not see why level of schooling should affect your chances at having a successful marriage.

  • In many marriages in modern times women are the primary provider

    If a women has a higher education then a man then she may be able to provide more for the family relieving stress of the rest of the family. In the 21 century people are starting to become equal, weather it's homosexuals. Men and women, etc. The only way a women having a higher education can hinder a marriage would be in that if the man is an uneducated and ignorant she might not enjoy talking to him but the same goes in the reverse. If a man is well educated and a women is not he might not enjoy discussing things with her.

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