Is the Hijab a national security concern in Canada? Why or why not?

Asked by: arbazh
  • Yes it is

    Do you keep your coat on when you visit a friends house. This religion reminds me of Christianity during the Dark Ages. They should not be encouraged in any way. A woman's face and body is her own and not the property of a third world macho cult. A robber wears a mask for a very specific reason. Western women wearing this stuff from choice really irritates me. Why black burkas. I thought white was cooler in hot countries. Are they trying to cook these women alive. Is somebody going to claim that this stuff is comfortable. Nuns did this for centuries. They were also voluntarily celibate . Spare a thought for a young girl who must undergo this transformation into a mobile tent.
    You can blow up airports wearing this stuff. You can rob a shop. You can dodge revenue. Why bother with cameras if this stuff is allowed.

  • I am not talking about Canada specifically! But about secular countires

    Check the number of rapes in western countries and compare it with Iran in which Hijab is its moderate degree.
    It is her choice to cover her body so that ill hearts don't try to enjoy other people's wives!
    It is a true loyalty of a woman for her family.
    Just look how foundation of your families are ruined. A woman with one man today and with another the next day!
    Girls basically lose their virginity at the age of 9 and at most 18 in your countries. Hijab gives a safety for girls and makes the family foundation strong.
    When you ask a girl whose Hijab is perfect, to marry or even talk, both sides are sure that not sexual intentions are pointed out and two brains are talking.

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