Is the History Channel moving too far away from history?

  • Craig Ferguson show

    This man? Has no place on television and especially not the History channel since he apparently only wants to promote his ideas and not facts. His ideas about what works now and what has worked in the past make no sense since they are apparently basses on his own personal bias. I think the channel has really denigrated itself since splitting into two separate channels. The other channel has been removed from my channel listings. I have been a Dish customer for about 12-14 years. I hope that they realize what a poor choice History channel has made.

  • Past, present or future?

    The history channel used to be so great airing shows about history. What in the world does 6 straight hours of Pawn Stars have to do with history? Appalachian outlaws? And why do I pay extra for the history channel and in the middle of the night, there is paid programming?

  • Yes, it is starting to air many shows that are unreated to history.

    In fact, the HISTORY channel has started airing films about 2012/12/21, which is about the future, not the past. Also, it also started airing mockumentaries and what-if scenarios in shows like Aftermath. In some regions it even airs mash and other entertainment, sitcom and drama shows. This is not really history or anything like that.

  • Yes, the history channel is moving too far away from history

    The history channel is moving too far away from history for years now. They fail to recognize major historical events, such as D-Day or the Holocaust, but instead play trivial shows of biker men with their gangs. I fail to see the entertainment in a group of men, acting like boys, building bicycles to ride around on.

  • Yes. It is moving away from facts and evidence.

    Many of the programs on the channel have little to nothing to do with history. Even worse, there are programs that reject the careful deliberation and study that a discipline like history is based on. Shows that rely on opinion rather than evidence are especially problematic and compromise the integrity of the network.

  • Yes they are

    I don't need to see so much " acting " in their shows like Pawn Stars which can be a good show and teach with entertainment but I don't really care if they go for a bike ride somewhere.

    The history channel is getting more and more into being a reality channel which is find but they need to do a better job of teaching history with their entertainment.

  • The History Channel is not on air purely for boring war documentaries.

    It is there to teach about the past, and with that information, predict what may happen in the future. Also, the average attention span of today's individuals could not possibly sit and watch only boring black-and-white history documentaries all day. The producers must come up with more than just "History" to keep the channel on air.

  • History Happened An Instant Ago

    The History Channel's arsenal of programming is immense. There will never be a shortage of source material as history happens every second of every day on every continent. The History Channel isn't someone's PhD thesis--the channel exists for entertainment. Saying the cable network is straying too far away from history is like calling "Braveheart" a true story.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-07T14:08:34.990
They show all their hsitory shows on History 2. Its a marketing scheme, so that more people will pay for more channels on cable.