Is the history of Jews in the United States emphasized enough in American history classes?

  • Jews did not play bit role

    Jews did not play a large role in the founding of this country, nor in the major events that occurred in American history. The only major thing that should be heavily taught involving jews is the holocaust and world war two, and this is already taught about enough as it is.

  • World War II is given a great deal of time.

    Yes, the history of Jews in the United States is emphasized enough in American History classes, because it is given a great deal of attention in the context of World War II. Other nationalities that have come to this country, such as the Irish and Japanese, are not give near the amount of time that the Jews are given.

  • I Believe So

    I believe the history of Jews in the United States is emphasized appropriately given the amount of time spent on other subjects in American history classes. Given the short time span, American history is quite detailed and can take a lot of time to get through. Proportionally, Jewish people may not see a lot of time spent on their ethnicity in these studies.

  • Not Enough to Support the Contributions

    The Jewish people are hard working, and actually rather compelling. In American history classes, they mostly focus on the average white Americans. They rarely spend enough time on minority groups, due to the backlash they fear they may get my racist students. This thinking needs to be changed, allowing American history to celebrate and embrace the minorities in America.

  • No, Jewish people do not get adequate representation in history classes.

    The history of the Jews is often overlooked in the United States. In American history classes, Jews receive mention typically in two ways. First, the Holocaust and the history surrounding that is mentioned, and secondly, a brief exposition to the Jewish religion is often offered. Otherwise, the history of the Jews is overlooked, especially concerning their culture and interactions with other cultures.

  • No, Jewish history is minimized.

    The Jewish influence in many industries and in the field of entertainment has been great and has contributed to the growth of the United States. But the contributions as well as the persecution that was suffered in the 20th century here and abroad is not studied enough by school children.

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