Is the history of Jews in the United States often presented in literature with a Zionist bias?

  • I believe the history of Jews has always had a bias, and rightfully so in modern and past history.

    I have always heard that Jesus was a Jew, and Israel is all Jewish. I do not understand why through history everyone has tried to eradicate the Jews. I believe they own the right to the Holy Land, and I believe they deserve all the bias writings and teachings that are done about them. I am sure in many other countries they are not seen in the positive light they are seen in the USA.

  • Not to that extreme

    I do think that there is most definitely an attitude of being supportive to Israel in the way the history is represented in the United States, but that is to be expected with Israel being a close ally of the United States. A Zionist bias, though, would require it to be presented in an extreme way that I just, as a citizen of the United States, do not see.

  • It is mentioned

    It is obviously not the case that zionism has been ignored in the recent history of Jews in the US, but there was a large Jewish population in the US many years before Israel was created, and that group of people had already set down their own cultural roots at the time.

  • Some Literature is Diasporadic

    Not all Jewish literature in the United States is about the return to the Holy Land. Some books, like "The Chosen" are more about the Jewish diaspora and life in America as a struggle between orthodoxy and modern Jews. The history of Jews in the United States wouldn't be nearly as important had the Holocaust not happened and the Zionist movement wouldn't be such a big deal.

  • We view jews a certain way

    Here in the United States, there is a stereotype on Jews, just like there is on other minorities and religious groups. When we read something about Jews, this stereotype is there in our brain and so we view Jews a certain way, it is not a Zionist bias, just our view.

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