• Hello you haters

    This was a nice movie and you should just kill yourselves. YOU are no one just like me and I´m dissappointed nobody is defending this fucking great movie. If you didn´t like it tha doesn´t mean you should critizice it e feugf eyfeufg eufe ue fuebfueuedf euf rfer vefb df dffvb df bdf fnbmffvb f bdf

  • Screw you all

    It was awesome so you don´t know shit. Now go to hide and cry in your hater's basement you useless pieces of shit nobody cares. If you think that was bad then I dare you to watch High School DXD and then say this was bad ja ja ja ja.

  • Lack of actual substance and feeling.

    Despite the fact that the Hobbit is based on one of the greatest fantasy books of all time, it still managed to lack completely in all substance. Part of the reason for this failure can be attributed to the small size of the book and the extreme length that it has been forced to stretch to. The successful Lord of the Rings series was based off of a trilogy of three hundred page books. The Hobbit movie series has the same length as the Lord of the Rings but it only draws from a single three hundred page book. Because of this, it is obvious that the writers were struggling to expand the source material to fit their screen time. Things were brought in that either never occurred in the book or were barely mentioned. This would have been fine, except for the unnecessary nature of these additional parts. As such, the material of the movie completely lacks in actual substance.

    Another major flaw with the series is the apparent invincibility of the characters. Throughout the first, second, and the majority of the third movies the main characters are able to pull of ridiculously impossible stunts with no apparent consequence. This removes any feeling of danger for any of the characters and makes the movie feel rather pointless. The best part of all three movies was when they finally started to kill off significant characters. The movie would have been many times better if they had skimped all the ridiculous fight sequences and filled it with actual character development.

    None of the characters have much of a personality. The only characters that have really any development are Bilbo, Thorin, and whichever one of the twins (Fili or Kili) was romantically involved with Tauriel. All the other characters could be described with one word attributes. Bomber: Fat. Dwalin: Nice. Gloin: father of Gimli (yes, I know that is three words, but you get my point). All the rest: Absurd.

    I rest my case.

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