• 1. 7 million at most

    Uniforms, Boots, Etc issued who wore them? Who made all the synthetic rubber? We had the enigma code, Not one mention of gas chambers. Zykon B does not work as described by " witnesses". A picture of typhus and malnutrition deaths do not prove gas deaths. 6 million number is a mantra of over 100 years. Questioning anything about the holocaust is punishable by prison in 17 countries? What truth requires this? Nuremberg trials were a sham Nordhausen photos used were from allied bombing.

  • For example, many German civilians suffered from starvation.

    The starving inmates in camps at the end of the war could be due to the severe bombing campaigns of the allies where road networks and infrastructure were destroyed preventing food supplies getting through to the camps. The fact that no real investigation is allowed which just might prove an exaggerated representation and how it is fiercely protected in this way suggests to me that it should be questioned

  • The numbers are most certainly exaggerated. . .

    Here's my reasoning based on facts I have gathered-
    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHM) reports that "camp authorities murdered approximately 1.1 million" at Auschwitz concentration camp, 1940-1945. HOWEVER, here's a document from the International Red Cross back in 1979 shows that they have only recorded 52,389 died:
    This was taken from a website that has evident bias, however, I highly doubt that an over 39 year old document from a trusted source for health-related societal issues is untrustworthy. This is the image link-

    So why the numbers? The media.
    Another thing that I have noticed, is that there are images of the newspapers covering the number of Jewish deaths. Specifically, the newspapers as time goes on continues to exponentially grow- well past the hundred thousand mark, and eventually making it to the numbers we see today. Here's a great source for reading the numbers that the media has recorded over the decades ( once again, this is a website that has evident bias but with factual and documented evidence):
    *Notice how the numbers fluctuate, as noted by the authors as well.

    Fun note: Gas chambers? Proven by researchers to be false.
    How so? Researchers ( one's trained and educated on execution gases) tested the grounds around Auschwitz for signs of gas, specifically any chemicals left over that is expected from the kind of gas used. Here's the video of a researcher, Fred Leuchter as he explained his/ his crew's findings, which you may realize has been filmed decades ago:

    As I have said a few times, these sources are bias. But, even with a bias motive, one may/ or can find reasonable and factual evidence to back their claim.

    Thanks everyone for the read, feel free to message me, debate me, or reply- I am happy to discuss! Have a good week.

  • It definitely is.

    Although there is certain proof that Jews were persecuted and killed in Nazi Germany, much of the deaths in the huge, ever-growing numbers of the casualties of the Holocaust are unaccounted for and based on pure speculation, or "calculation." Some other elements of the Holocaust such as gas chambers and huge rail systems have outright never been proven, and continue to exist as "fact" based on 1960s books and documentaries spreading rumors.

  • No, not at all

    The Nazis tried to cover up the scope of the holocaust to downplay it's brutality, but there is photo proof that these places existed and that millions of people perished in these places. And the gas chambers definitely existed, some of the gassing rooms were left up after the Nazis tried to cover it all up and there is clear evidence of gassing to have occurred due to the holes in the room that allowed for Nazis to deposit gas canisters in the room. Not to mention eyewitness accounts given by actual Nazi soldiers stationed there.

    And multiple accounts have stated that the gas chambers in Auschwitz once got so full that the Nazis resorted to digging a giant hole in the ground and lighting it on fire, then they pushed the Hungarian jews into the flames, still alive. (Maus & Night, which are very good books you should read if you're interested about this topic) The human suffering experienced at the camps cannot be understated.

  • Most likely not.

    Although some of the deaths may not have been entirely accounted for they are also constantly discovering more plausible death causes and the estimation of the death toll keeps going up and up and becoming more and more realistic. So because of this I don't think what people say about the holocaust is that unrealistic at all

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