Is the Holodomor tragedy comparable to the pogroms that Stalin's regime carried out?

  • Yes, Billy Graham is more approachable.

    The way to get to people and get them to change their ways is to be
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  • The difference = secrecy

    Stalin had different forms of killing people. When deciding the "lesser of two evils", it's clear that Stalin was "worse" thant he Holodomor tragedy. This is because of the widespread scale of deaths, being higher than the deaths from the Holocaust, and the degree of secrecy carried out within this regime.

  • They are different

    No, it is my opinion that the tragedy was not at all comparable to the things that Stalin had his regime carry out in Russia. These two events are completely unrelated, and happened for two completely different reasons, so there is not a whole lot similar between the two at all.

  • Pogroms were worse by far

    I don't think that Holodomar is comparable in terms of tragedy to Stalin's pogroms. I think the latter were more sinister and brutal than the starvation issues the Ukraine had. I think that there could have been other resolutions to Holodomar, such as private farming. I don't think the event was quite so intentional as the pogroms.

  • The Holdomor was on a much larger and organized scale.

    While there are some limited examples of what could be classified as anti-Jewish pogroms which took place under Stalin, they are nowhere near the extent and deliberate execution as the Holodomor against Ukrainians. The Holodomor resulted in the deaths of millions and is recognized internationally as genocide. Jews also suffered under Stalin, especially during the purges, but this does not really compare to the deliberate mass starvation of millions.

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