Is the Homework load on students becoming too large?

  • There is seriously too much homework.

    I am a middle school student, And in my opinion, There is too much homework given to us students these days. Most of my teachers don't even care that it's Friday, And still pile up homework on us. One of the teachers gave the students homework on the day of a concert, And it was a four paragraph essay due the following day. The students have enough to worry about without another four paragraph essay to do for homework. Besides, The teacher even knew that they had a concert on that day, But still assigned that essay to them. HONESTLY SCHOOLS SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER LOWERING THE AMOUNT OF HOMEWORK.

  • Studying over graded homework

    Schools should encourage good studying habits outside of school instead of heavy amounts of homework. Both studying and homework have the same effect of reviewing the material taught in class and helping you understand it better, But homework just wastes the time of students who already understand the material.

    When I was in highschool I could (barely) manage hours of homework every day, And my homework grade in most of my classes was usually around 100%, But when I got to college I could barely handle doing an hour of work outside of class because I was so burned out. I did it in highschool because it was a routine for me, And it was graded and weighed in pretty heavily towards my final grade, But in college it’s mostly just papers and exams that take up most of your grade, So homework skills are useless in college but study skills are crucial. However, Because I never studied in highschool (by the time I finished the homwork I usually understood the material) I had no idea how teach myself the material on the upcoming exam because the only way I knew how to review concepts was to just do the 50 problems assigned to you for homework that are required anyway.

    I struggled so much in college because I had no studying skills. Only in my junior year did I feel like I really understood how to effectively study for exams.
    I could have had a high GPA from the start if my highschool teachers didn’t make me do a million problems regardless of whether I understood the material or not, And instead taught me how to teach myself the material I don’t understand.

    I know not everyone goes to college after highschool, But highschools are trying to funnel in as many students into college as possible, So they might as well prepare us for college regardless.

  • I am in 7th grade, And I say yes.

    I have ADD, So I tend to procrastinate, I can't focus, And since I'm 12 and female, And short, School is hard, Just because I have ADD. I always feel bombarded with schoolwork, And I have a lot of F's. My parents have high expectations, And so I'm dead meat whenever I have a C on my report card.

  • Its totally unnecessary

    There is FAR too much nowadays and its starting earlier. When I was younger, We didn't even have homework until I was in Year 7, But now children are doing them in year 4 (and lower). I honestly don't see why this is needed?

    In any case, Most homework is just repeating what was done in class! If there is someone who didn't understand, Then it is something the teacher should rectify. If the subject was understood, Why have homework? What is it achieving? Other then "hogging" the children's free time? I often didn't bother doing my homework (back then schools rarely punished it), And I don't see how it made any difference in the long run?

    I think the only homework that IS in any way of benefit is revision and having to use various resources to find out information (i. E. Fieldwork/coursework). This IS very useful practice especially for university and can be a useful life skill for when school finishes. But lets be honest, Most homework is NOT this, And in any case field work and research could become a class lesson…. . . Is there a need for it to be in their free time?

  • I swear there's

    An online legion of kids hoping they'll cause a revolution so there won't be homework. The answer to this depends on who you ask. If you ask an elementary school aged student, Odds are the answer would be a firm "No, ", Anyone in middle school would say no, As well, For the most part. There might be people with the answer being "Yes", And High school is pretty much the inverse of the middle school answers. College is the inverse of elementary school. You'd also need to consider the IQ level of the hypothetical survey. People with higher IQ's find homework easier than your average Joe. Whether you think the homework load is too much, Not enough or just right as is, You still need it. Without homework, You'd grow up to be a moron and believe me, The world (or at least the USA) has enough of those.

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